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Me? On a Mission Trip?

Apr 02, 2019

My husband and I had been at Summit just over a year when we were approached about going on a short term trip. Neither of us had ever traveled internationally, and we only knew of the family we would be visiting through mutual friends. We raised funds, got our passports, and five short months later we were sitting in a living room, thousands of miles away, with missionaries who felt more like family, in a place that quickly felt like home. 

While we got to experience amazing things - touring, meeting locals, having meals in homes - our favorite part about our time was how clearly God was working through this family to reach people who know nothing about his goodness and love for them. 

Since our first trip, we’ve been able to visit this same family again, and we even have the opportunity to lead another trip at the end of this year. When people ask why we continue to go back, the answer for us is simple: it’s impossible to be with people who are obeying God’s call in a foreign country, sacrificially giving their lives so that others may hear (and allowing you to experience it with them), and not feel overwhelmed with gratitude and excitement for all our Father is doing around the world. We realize that being part of sharing the good news among the nations is completely God’s grace in our lives, and we’ll continue to go for as long as he will allow us!

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