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Counseling Seminar: Post-Traumatic Stress

Blue Ridge Campus

Who is the seminar on post-traumatic stress for? It would be easy to limit this seminar to military vets and their families, but trauma is an experience more common than war.

  • Police and other first responders
  • ER doctors/nurses and other medical professionals
  • Assaults, rape, and domestic violence
  • The aftermath of natural disasters or terrorist attacks
  • Children who are abused or face chronic neglect

All of these experiences can be traumatic. Hopefully you can see how widely-applicable this seminar will be. Trauma is simply an experience that is larger than we are prepared to handle at the time that we go through it which interferes with emotions, cognitive clarity, and sense of time. Often the symptoms of post-traumatic stress leave the person feeling like they’re going “crazy.” 

  • Intrusive symptoms – nightmares, flashbacks, trigger responses
  • Constrictive symptoms – feeling numb, detached, and withdrawing
  • Hypervigilance – perpetually feeling like you have to be on guard

These experiences leave the individual feeling like their mind and emotions don’t work like they used to; like they are broken but are not sure what to do to “fix” the problem. In this seminar we will speak to the person who has experienced trauma as well as their family and friends. Using a 9-step model for how the gospel speaks to suffering, we will seek to understand the experience of trauma, how it affects our minds and bodies, identify how it comes to have these impacts, and how to counter the impact of trauma. God can and will provide comfort in the midst of the post-traumatic experience. There is hope. Whether you are in need of this hope or desire to be a source of this hope in the life of others, I hope you will attend our upcoming seminar on post-traumatic stress. 

Seminar will be led by Brad Hambrick, Pastor of Counseling at The Summit Church

Note: Childcare is not available for this seminar.

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