That He Might Come to Have First Place in Everything.

First is a two-year journey we started in the fall of 2018 in which we are approaching God with one question:
Is Jesus first in our lives—in our time, our talent, and our treasure?

Take Your Next Step

Primary Goal: 100 Percent Engagement

We believe God has called all of his disciples to put him first in their time, their talent, and their treasure.

Secondary Goal: $75 Million

We believe it will take $75 million over two years to accomplish all that the Lord has called us to do in this season as we create a movement of disciple-making disciples in RDU and around the world.

Next Steps: Pray and Respond

Regardless of where you are in your First journey, we invite you to pray for our primary and secondary goals—that 100 percent of our church would be engaged and that God would provide the funds necessary to accomplish all that he has called us to. Here are a few specific ways you can take the next step of your First journey:

If you are new to First

  • Pray | Ask God how you can put him first in your life—in your time, your talent, and your treasure.
  • Respond | Commit to living as a faithful steward. This might include giving generously for the first time, setting up a recurring gift, or making a sacrificial gift at the end of the year at

If you already made a First Faith Commitment