About First

That He Might Come to Have First Place in Everything.

First is a two-year journey in which we are approaching God with one question:
Is Jesus first in our lives—in our time, our talent, and our treasure?

Primary Goal: 100 Percent Engagement

We believe God has called all of his disciples to put him first in their time, their talent, and their treasure.

Secondary Goal: $75 Million

We believe it will take $75 million over two years to accomplish all that the Lord has called us to do in this season as we create a movement of disciple-making disciples in RDU and around the world.

December 2018–October 2020

On this two-year First journey we have seen you, The Summit Church, take sacrificial steps to place God first in your time, your talent, and your treasure. We want to pause and celebrate ways God has used your obedience to create a movement of disciple-making disciples in RDU and around the world.

Primary Goal - 100 Percent Engagement

  • 8,342 First Time Givers
  • 1,890 Recurring Givers (Current)
  • 12,675 Total Givers

Secondary Goal - $75 Million

  • $64,226,622 given to First as of Oct. 31, 2020
  • 86 percent of the way there with two months to go!

We do whatever it takes to reach all people.

  • Launched Garner Campus
  • Purchased Land for Alamance Campus
  • Launched Capital Hills Campus
  • 798 Baptisms

We make disciples, not just converts.

  • 5,288 people in 395 Summit Small Groups
  • 2,248 completed the Who’s Your One? Evangelism Training
  • 1,804 Volunteers Serving on the Weekend (pre-covid)
  • Over 5,600 Participants in ServeRDU Week the past two years
  • 7,000 Groundworks studies distributed to Summit members to use the Bible to grow deeper in the five disciple identities and lead others to do the same.

We send every member.

  • 922 People sent on short-term trips during First
  • 68 Missionaries sent internationally long-term during First
  • 661 People sent with North American church plants
  • Over 19,000 people on average worshiping at Summit Church plants

COVID Response (Mar 2020 - Present)

God is moving in our church during this COVID season in incredible ways! While there is a long list of how we’ve been able to serve our community during COVID, here are a few highlights:

  • Summit Online: Because of your generosity, people in RDU and around the world are continuing to hear the hope of the gospel. While we’ve resumed some in-person services, in October 2020, more than 76,000 people have engaged with a Summit Online service, 59 people have connected with us for prayer, and 66 people have made a profession of faith!
  • Home Gatherings: Because of your generosity, we’ve equipped hundreds of members with resources to host safe and welcoming home gatherings where our members and guests can join to worship Jesus through singing, teaching, and fellowship. We even had our first home gathering plant that multiplied out of an existing home gathering to reach more people!
  • Groundworks: Because of your generosity, we’ve launched our new discipleship curriculum, Groundworks. Through Groundworks, we hope to cultivate a bible-saturated culture of relational discipleship in our congregation, building one another up in maturity and continuing our movement of disciple-making disciples in RDU and around the world.

We have asked God where he wants to move in RDU and around the world, and we believe he has identified the following areas:

  • 17.3 percent of our ministry budget will go directly to missions and church planting around the Triangle, North America, and the world!
  • Build a new permanent facility for North Durham Campus.
  • Investigate the possibility of launching a campus in Holly Springs area.
  • Consider and respond to opportunities for new campuses and more permanent facilities across the Triangle.
  • Send more than 50 people to plant four more churches in North America, including Nashville and our fifth plant in an ACC town, in Pittsburgh.
  • Go2: We want to see college students give their first two years after graduation to go serve a church planting effort
  • One thousand professions of faith!