August 2020 Congregational Vote Results

2020–2021 Cash Operating Budget

During the weekend of Aug. 29 and 30, members of The Summit Church approved our 2020–2021 budget in a 90 percent affirmative vote. If you still have questions about the budget our team would love to speak with you.

Recent Member Updates

July Virtual Member Meeting

In case you missed our July member meeting, we encourage you to watch the videos below for a recap on how God is working among us at The Summit Church and how we plan to move forward with reaching, discipling, and even sending people this year. Following the Holy Spirit, we exist to create a movement of disciple-making disciples, in RDU and around the world, and by God's grace, that movement has not ceased moving. In addition to the videos below, find all of our most up-to-date information at

The Movement Continues: The church has never been closed. 

Our mission remains the same: Following the Holy Spirit, we exist to create a movement of disciple-making disciples, in RDU and around the world. That movement has not ceased moving. Just because our physical doors have been closed does not mean the church has been closed. We’re still reaching, discipling, and even sending people.

Gospel Above All: Seeking unity, not uniformity. 

Our nation has been rocked by a series of heart-breaking tragedies that have re-exposed fault lines of deep racial division and pain in our country. We remain a ‘Gospel Above All’ people. This means our primary commission from Jesus is to preach and live out the gospel. We want to be known for the gospel that unites us and the kingdom that defines us, not political agendas or secondary perspectives that can divide us. 

So, why take time to address racial injustice in the church? It’s because we are called to reach “all people” in the Triangle, and that means removing as many obstacles to gospel proclamation as we can. The gospel’s promise is to tear down the walls of hostility not only between man and God, but also between man and man. Please read this letter written by Pastor J.D. for our church during this time. 


Unpack Your Bags: Make the “new normal” our normal.

In a lot of ways, over the last few months, it’s as if we’ve taken up residence in a hotel, waiting on a phone call to tell us it’s safe to come back home and “return to normal.” From a strategy standpoint, it’s time to move forward like this is the new normal and “unpack our bags.” This means, for the time being, we need to become a movement of house churches. 

For the remainder of the year, we will not gather in person at our campuses on the weekend. Our plan is to equip you to be the church in your homes, in your communities, and online in order for you to continue being disciple-making disciples. So even when you can’t come to church, you can still be the church.

The way you can be the church this year is by:

  • Gathering for worship and prayer in smaller groups 
  • Engaging others in intentional discipleship relationships 


Please take a moment to complete this survey so we can understand how you are processing this information. 

We have compiled this list of frequently asked questions, but if you have any additional ones, reach out to your campus teams or email us at 

Archived Documents

January 2020 Congregational Vote Results

Blue Ridge Land Parcel Sale

In our weekend services on Jan. 11 and 12, members of The Summit Church voted to approve the sale of a land parcel from the Blue Ridge campus property (99 percent).

2020 Directional Elder Board

In our weekend services on Jan. 11 and 12, the congregation approved the addition of Kanhka Linthavong to the directional elder board. He will begin serving (effective today) and replace Jack Keegan from our Apex campus. We are greatly appreciative of the leadership and wisdom that Jack brought throughout his term as a directional elder.

New appointments of congregational elders to the directional elder board are presented to the congregation and if approved, serve a term of four years. Staff elders are selected by the senior pastor with the consent of the active board. Below is the 2020 directional elder board.

Kanhka Linthavong, Elder, Alamance Campus
George Derbyshire, Elder, Blue Ridge Campus
Chris Rudolph, Elder, Brier Creek Campus
Scott Hildreth, Elder, Capital Hills Campus
Eric Chetwood, Elder, North Durham Campus
Peter Park, Campus Pastor, Downtown Durham Campus
Raudel Hernandez, Campus Pastor, Summit en Espanol Campus
Daniel Simmons, Executive Pastor of Campuses
David Thompson, Lead Pastor, Executive Leadership
J.D. Greear, Pastor of The Summit Church

Other Important Documents

Pastoral Compensation Policy Church Bylaws