Church Doesn’t Look Just Like Me Anymore

I have been around the Summit longer than most people. But then again, I’ve been around places longer than most people. You could say that I’m chronologically mature. So not only do I remember what it was like when the Summit was “Homestead Heights”; I also remember what Homestead Heights was before Pastor J.D. showed up. Some people may find this surprising, but I think Homestead Heights was destined to become a church that valued diversity. Sam James, our church’s founding pastor, was a leader in trying to bridge the white-black divide in Durham churches, way back in the 1960s. I’ve...

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Summit Family 'Forever Changed' By Loving Foster Kids

Opening your heart to child who doesn’t have a home can be a scary ride, full of the unknown, frustration, and tears. But obeying God’s mandate to take care of the orphan can open your life to a love that is so vast and deep that your life is forever changed. And for Jeremy and Cortnee Pierce, that makes it all worthwhile. Jeremy and Cortnee decided early in their marriage to take seriously the verses in Scripture that speak to taking care of the orphan (e.g., James 1:27, Psalm 82:3). For them, taking in the orphan was their “plan A” for...

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8 Ways To Get Started In Local Outreach in 2017

As the new year kicks off, our Serve365 teams at every campus are looking for folks to join them as they serve our city. We’re highlighting 8 ways you can get started in one of our local outreach initiatives right now. If you’re not sure which to choose, grab a small group member to go with you or find out which Serve365 teams are at your campus. Dinner For Homeless Families – Wednesday, January 11th Join the team serving dinner to more than 250 homeless neighbors at the Urban Ministries shelter in Durham. Learn more about serving the homeless year-round. Prayer Night For...

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