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We Send Every Member | The Ashby’s Story

Emily and Reid never thought a global pandemic would be their ticket to serving with a church plant overseas. But when the world turned upside down this spring, and Emily began working remotely, God was bringing something beautiful out of something tragic. In March, Emily, an accountant in Research Triangle Park, was allowed to work remotely as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic, something that didn’t seem possible before social distancing procedures became necessary. A few months later, Emily and Reid started praying about a risky possibility. Rather than working remotely from their home in the Triangle, they wanted...

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Texas Couple Moves to the Summit to Help ‘Shoulder the Vision’ of Reaching the Triangle

My wife Lindsey and I were leading a new college group at our church in Texas when I discovered the Summit podcast. I had recently learned about Pastor J.D. and the Summit, and we immediately fell in love with the teaching and all of the pastoral staff who spoke during the Year of the Bible series. During this time, Lindsey and I had to face the reality of financial struggles. I have worked with my parents’ small business in Texas since 2003, and we had seen phenomenal provision by the Lord’s hand in starting and maintaining the business, but for the...

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Year of Disciple-Making: Begging God to Save from a Prison Cell

Geno Eaves was on track. He had moved to the Triangle from Charlotte and decided to stay after receiving his degree from UNC-Chapel Hill. After spending some time in a hip-hop band, he became a manager at a local restaurant. With a solid education and a good job, Geno appeared to be doing everything right. He was on par with societal expectations and taking the “normal” track of life. The inside, however, was broken. In 2011 Geno was sentenced to five years in prison. And life, in ways that Geno would have never predicted, changed course. But God wasn't surprised, and he lovingly...

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ReCity: Rewriting Devin's Story

Devin didn't want his past to define him and he knew he needed to make a change. He had hope for a better future and when he found ReCity, that hope turned into reality. ReCity turned a maze of resources into a ladder he could climb, resulting in full-time employment. Now Devin's passion has been reignited, and he's rewriting his story with a different ending. Learn more about ReCity now.

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Painting the Invisible Man: An Amazing Story of Grace

Remember the old television show, The Invisible Man? When someone wanted to make the Invisible Man visible, they would pour paint on him. Then you could see his shape and track his movements. That’s a picture of Jesus and the local church: we’re the paint that makes the invisible Christ visible to our community. In our fellowship, our multi-cultural diversity, our selfless acts of love, our forgiveness and boldness, we reveal the contours of the eternal, heavenly Christ that dwells within us. When local churches equip their people to embody the gospel in the streets, they make the movements of an...

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