UNC Junior Sees God’s Faithfulness through Leadership on Campus

Last spring, we heard how God radically changed Asuka’s life through others’ faithfulness to share the gospel with her. Now, Asuka is back at UNC and is continuing to see God change her own life through ministry at home and on campus.When Asuka Nakamura came to faith in the spring of her junior year at UNC Chapel Hill, she knew she wanted to learn more about Jesus and take time to intentionally grow in discipleship. She decided to pursue God in these ways by applying to City Project, the Summit’s eight-week summer discipleship program for college students.Asuka believes that “when...

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‘We Are Going to Struggle, but in the End, the Gospel Wins’

After going through a divorce, Mark Brown entered a “Men’s Fitness” magazine transformation story contest and won. But the real prize was a newfound ministry and opportunities to share the gospel with men who wanted to know not just about how to get fit but how to have hope.

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Summit Friends and Members Help Renew Homeless Woman’s Faith

Everyone needs someone to believe in them, especially when life has knocked them down. For some who are experiencing crisis, the timely encouragement and support of others can lead to renewed faith in God and humanity. Allison,* a Summit member, first became acquainted with Tori in 2014 when she hired Tori, an interior designer, to help decorate her home. They quickly found that they enjoyed each other’s company and soon became close friends. Then Tori’s life suddenly spiraled out of control, as she experienced a messy divorce, a downturn in business, and even the loss of her home. Finding herself homeless,...

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'I Was in Prison, but I Was Free'

For some, prison is a death sentence. For Zach Erlemann, a prison sentence saved his life. Zach never considered himself a violent or compulsive person. He grew up in a good family in a nice area and was taught the difference between right and wrong. In his teens, everything was going well for a time—his grades were good, and he had plenty of friends and enough money. Then, his addiction caught up to him. The alcohol and drug abuse depleted his bank account. His “friends” deserted him, and his emotional and mental health quickly declined. Under the control of addiction and sin,...

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Your Prayers for South Asia Are Making a Difference

Summit Worker Witnesses Healing and Conversion After Prayer “Know that your prayers have a great impact on numerous people,” shares a Summit worker living in South Asia. For several months she has been spreading the word of an urgent prayer request on behalf of her house helper. This woman, a local believer, has been a beacon of light in her dark community and has been boldly declaring her faith despite much community scorn and ridicule. When this woman’s infant granddaughter became very ill and was diagnosed with a serious heart defect, “A” recognized the situation as another opportunity to seek the...

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