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Through Unlikely Circumstances, Summit Couple Sent as Missionaries

Ben and Rachel Ober always thought they would go to the nations as missionaries some day. They heard this calling separately, before they met one another, and now they are being obedient to where God is leading them overseas. When Ben was in college, he started underlining his Bible everywhere he could find missions mentioned. This radically transformed his perspective. “I was accustomed to thinking of the Great Commission as a verse at the end of Mark, or the end of Matthew, not really God’s heart running from Genesis to Revelation.” After that, Ben was committed to going overseas as a missionary, and...

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Amid the Pandemic, the Care of Community Prevails

Kelly and Aaron Griffin know the importance of a small group community—they’ve seen it firsthand in their three years as members of The Summit Church. But they’ve never been more grateful for it than after having a child during the COVID-19 pandemic. When they began attending the Summit in 2017, Kelly was seven months pregnant with their first son, Brayden. Right away, Kelly expressed interest in serving in Summit Kids and was connected to Julie, a staff member who invested in her and trained her to be a leader when she was able to start serving after maternity leave. But...

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Summit Members See God Working Through Home Gatherings

The following stories are from the Summit’s Alamance County campus’ home gatherings. To find a home gathering nearest you, visit Jeff and Laura Jeff and Laura host a home gathering in Gibsonville. They started by sending an invitation to their entire neighborhood, where they had already begun to develop friendships, to gather with them on Sunday mornings. Recognizing the beauty and value of hospitality, Jeff and Laura extended the invitation to include a meal after the service. For their first weekend, two couples from their neighborhood joined to worship alongside several Alamance County friends, and one of the couples stayed afterward...

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Disciple-making Disciples: Jonathan’s Stewardship Story

When Jonathan Marrero and his wife, Marilyn, attended Financial Peace University years ago, God began calling him to trust and surrender his personal finances—and teaching him to use what he was learning to serve others.Now he and Marilyn both serve with the stewardship ministry at the Summit, coaching others on personal financial principles that honor God. As Jonathan counseled people at the church, he also felt he could offer something to his coworkers, who often talked about their financial struggles.“I would hear people talking about their lights getting cut off or worrying about a paycheck being late,” he said. “And...

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We Send Every Member | The Ashby’s Story

Emily and Reid never thought a global pandemic would be their ticket to serving with a church plant overseas. But when the world turned upside down this spring, and Emily began working remotely, God was bringing something beautiful out of something tragic. In March, Emily, an accountant in Research Triangle Park, was allowed to work remotely as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic, something that didn’t seem possible before social distancing procedures became necessary. A few months later, Emily and Reid started praying about a risky possibility. Rather than working remotely from their home in the Triangle, they wanted...

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In the Midst of Suffering, Family Heeds God’s Call to Become Missionaries

James and Stacey* have always had a heart for international students and people. Going overseas as missionaries had been on their minds, but over the last year and a half, God has made it incredibly clear when and where he wants them to go. It started when Stacey was volunteering at the First Time Guest tent at the Alamance County campus. She saw an international student walking into the service late and introduced herself to him. He was participating in a program that allows families to host international students over the weekend, so he was attending the Summit with his host family....

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Summit Team’s Response to 221 Baptisms in Uganda: Worship

As we set off from RDU airport in early October, I knew this trip, my fourth trip to work with the incredible South Sudanese people, would be a little different. I was making this trip with three of my closest friends and brothers in Christ from my small group who had heard me talk about South Sudan and the people in Eastern Africa for three years, each of whom has their own story of how God led them to be used for his good work. For two of them, it was their first trip ever out of the U.S., and...

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Summit Worker Leaves Home Every Day 'Expecting God to Act'

Summit member Amanda S. recently moved to South Asia and shared this update on how God is giving her relationships that help her share good news. Join us in praying that God would strengthen and encourage Amanda and the workers with whom she partners. I moved to South Asia six months ago as a worker in a position of complete dependence on the Lord. I had no language, no cultural skills, and no local friends. It was just me, a few other American workers, and the Spirit within me. Looking back, I have learned this exact position of utter dependence is...

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1,000 Churches in Our Generation

“Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us ...” (Ephesians 3:20 ESV) Fifteen years ago, Pastor J.D. used this verse to challenge the members of the Summit to expect great things from God and attempt great things for God—things far above anything we could ask or think. Since 2002, we have seen God answer those prayers, over and over and over again. As I reflect on what God has led the Summit to do in missions over the last fifteen years, it makes...

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Go, and Take Your Job with You

There’s a new way to do what you do well for the glory of God and somewhere strategic for the mission of God—and you don’t have to leave your job to do it! The Summit’s Global Cities Initiative mobilizes teams of students, professionals, and retirees to work to make disciples in some of the most influential cities in the world, including Mumbai, London, Dubai, Shanghai, and Kuala Lumpur. In the last year, 20 people from the Summit have moved or are in the process of moving their career overseas as part of GCI. They include Cleo, a teacher who will take...

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Burdened By Global Health Crisis, Summit Family Uses Medical Skills for God’s Glory

You don’t have to tell David and Bethany Goodman how important impressions are. While serving on the First Impressions team at the Summit in 2007, David must have made a good first impression on his future wife, Bethany. When their paths crossed again two years later, they discovered a mutual desire to serve God by ministering to the health needs of the poor. Through a medical mission to India early in their relationship, their desire to be engaged in global health together was solidified. Bethany studied at UNC and became a pediatric nurse practitioner while David finished a combined degree in medicine...

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Greear Family Mission Trip Commissioning

How You Can Pray for My Family During Our Extended Mission Trip When God called me to be a pastor, he did so by first calling me to the mission field. I spent the first two years of my ministry as a church planter among Muslims overseas. God never relinquished that call to missions; he showed me that my role in it is to be a part of a church thatsends and supplies the mission field in extravagant ways. In light of that calling, the elders at the Summit have extended an opportunity for me to go with my family and live with some of our church...

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Here I am, Send Me

Here is a great Thursday night read from our very own Latrice Phillips! I can't go, I am a mom... My daughter isn't even two yet and she wouldn't understand that I hadn't abandoned her... Who will rock her and love on her the way I do? What if something happens while we are continents apart and I can't get to her? These were my primary excuses for saying no when propositioned to go to India. They are all reasonable excuses, not like I was saying I couldn't go because I would miss my favorite shows, or no one would be...

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Missions Night: I'm Sent! Recap

The Summit believes that the Great Commission, found in Matthew 28, was not just a special calling for an elite few, but a mandate for every believer. The Church is God’s “Plan A” for reaching each and every person with the gospel; Christians are called to put their “yes” on the table. God takes that “yes” and pins it to the map. Last week, the Summit held missions night, where hundreds and hundreds were able to connect with over 60 different missions groups around the world. Organizations connected potential partners at Go Centers, and included options for local outreach, national and...

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I'm Sent

Many have heard the statistics about global lostness, but when you are surrounded by thousands of people who have never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ, those statistics become much more sobering as you replace numbers with faces and names. And those faces make the task of evangelism much more personal and urgent.  This is the impact Tremayne Manson’s short-term trip to China in April had on his life. After his small group leader, Matt Clark, persistently challenged the group to join him on the trip, Tremayne committed to go. His team partnered with IMB missionaries and served them mainly through evangelism in their...

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