Summit Friends and Members Help Renew Homeless Woman’s Faith

Everyone needs someone to believe in them, especially when life has knocked them down. For some who are experiencing crisis, the timely encouragement and support of others can lead to renewed faith in God and humanity. Allison,* a Summit member, first became acquainted with Tori in 2014 when she hired Tori, an interior designer, to help decorate her home. They quickly found that they enjoyed each other’s company and soon became close friends. Then Tori’s life suddenly spiraled out of control, as she experienced a messy divorce, a downturn in business, and even the loss of her home. Finding herself homeless,...

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Summit Worker Leaves Home Every Day 'Expecting God to Act'

Summit member Amanda S. recently moved to South Asia and shared this update on how God is giving her relationships that help her share good news. Join us in praying that God would strengthen and encourage Amanda and the workers with whom she partners. I moved to South Asia six months ago as a worker in a position of complete dependence on the Lord. I had no language, no cultural skills, and no local friends. It was just me, a few other American workers, and the Spirit within me. Looking back, I have learned this exact position of utter dependence is...

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'I Was in Prison, but I Was Free'

For some, prison is a death sentence. For Zach Erlemann, a prison sentence saved his life. Zach never considered himself a violent or compulsive person. He grew up in a good family in a nice area and was taught the difference between right and wrong. In his teens, everything was going well for a time—his grades were good, and he had plenty of friends and enough money. Then, his addiction caught up to him. The alcohol and drug abuse depleted his bank account. His “friends” deserted him, and his emotional and mental health quickly declined. Under the control of addiction and sin,...

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Year of Disciple-Making: New Friendship with Iraqi Refugee Leads to God’s Love in Action

By Elizabeth Ashford Jill Sheets knows firsthand how nurturing a friendship with someone across cultural barriers can profoundly change your life. Her friendship with Tabarek started at a bus stop in Durham one frigid morning this past January. Jill had passed the stop twice while running errands and noticed the same young woman standing there with her two young children. She felt God telling her to stop and offer the woman a ride. She had never done such a thing before and had a million excuses as to why she shouldn’t. But then she looked in the backseat of her husband’s truck...

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Summit Family 'Forever Changed' By Loving Foster Kids

Opening your heart to child who doesn’t have a home can be a scary ride, full of the unknown, frustration, and tears. But obeying God’s mandate to take care of the orphan can open your life to a love that is so vast and deep that your life is forever changed. And for Jeremy and Cortnee Pierce, that makes it all worthwhile. Jeremy and Cortnee decided early in their marriage to take seriously the verses in Scripture that speak to taking care of the orphan (e.g., James 1:27, Psalm 82:3). For them, taking in the orphan was their “plan A” for...

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Five Defining Moments for The Summit Church

by J.D. Greear This January marks 15 years since we relaunched Homestead Heights Baptist Church as The Summit Church. I’ve been here for all 15 of those wonderful, exciting, and often hair-raising years, and I have never ceased to be amazed at what God has chosen to do here. Reading over the stories in this magazine has reminded me, yet again, how grateful I am to be at a place where the Spirit of God is the primary mover. And when I reflect on the fact that his past graces to us are evidence of his intention to pour out future...

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8 Ways To Get Started In Local Outreach in 2017

As the new year kicks off, our Serve365 teams at every campus are looking for folks to join them as they serve our city. We’re highlighting 8 ways you can get started in one of our local outreach initiatives right now. If you’re not sure which to choose, grab a small group member to go with you or find out which Serve365 teams are at your campus. Dinner For Homeless Families – Wednesday, January 11th Join the team serving dinner to more than 250 homeless neighbors at the Urban Ministries shelter in Durham. Learn more about serving the homeless year-round. Prayer Night For...

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