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We Send Every Member | The Ashby’s Story

Emily and Reid never thought a global pandemic would be their ticket to serving with a church plant overseas. But when the world turned upside down this spring, and Emily began working remotely, God was bringing something beautiful out of something tragic. In March, Emily, an accountant in Research Triangle Park, was allowed to work remotely as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic, something that didn’t seem possible before social distancing procedures became necessary. A few months later, Emily and Reid started praying about a risky possibility. Rather than working remotely from their home in the Triangle, they wanted...

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Generosity...One Step at a Time

The journey to generosity is paved with one faithful step at a time. Andrew and Ruth, Summit members who recently answered God’s call and were sent with the church plant to Charlottesville, Va., had always given the “baseline” tithe. Andrew, a Summit member for eight years, was part of the North Raleigh campus. He served as a small group leader and with the production team. His path of generosity and giving began with the Gospel. “Hearing about giving in response to God’s grace to us, that started challenging us,” Andrew said. “We weren’t giving with a grudge, and we were trusting God. But...

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Multiply Giving: ‘I Knew I Had to Be Obedient, But It Was Scary’

Two years ago, when the Multiply commitments were first made, I really struggled with handing in a commitment card. I struggled because the number I wanted to write down for my commitment (which was feasible, in my estimation) was not the number I knew God was impressing on my heart to write down. It wasn't that I was opposed to giving; I had already been giving for a long time. But I had become “comfortable” in my giving, and it was no longer making an impact on me or my family's lifestyle anymore. I felt God challenging me to write down a...

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God Answers Prayer for an Opportunity to Give

I'm a member at Chapel Hill's campus and was inspired by the sermon from Galatians 6 on giving. I prayed for an opportunity to give that day, and I met a family at Walgreen's (well, they were waiting for prescriptions, and I was nearby). Their daughter had some kind of eye condition—really swollen, almost blind—and the family looked pretty poor. It seemed like she had several medical issues. I felt God stirring in my heart, so I got a Walgreens gift card and slipped it to the little girl when her dad was in the aisle and told her to give...

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God Made a Way to Meet Multiply Goal

I started going to the Summit a little over two years ago and really got involved right about when Multiply was starting. I was fresh out of college, just started my career, and was a little nervous about pledging money, but I prayed and knew God would provide a means to meet the goal he put on my heart. I got pretty discouraged in meeting my pledge last summer. I had just paid off my college debt and was completely debt free when I got in an accident and my car was totaled. Since I live far from home, I wanted...

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Multiply: Generosity Led by Prayer and Trust

Obedience to Christ is a daily surrender for Jordan and Lee Kohman. Learning how to steward what they've been given - their lives, their skills and talents - is the first step to being generous. "Everytime we approach our giving, it's a prayerful conversation," Lee says. "Am I really trusting God?" Living on a public school teaching salary, the Lord has always provided through all of life's circumstances. "When we've trusted the Lord, God has multiplied our money and stretched us and provided for us. Not always in our timeframe, but when we persist in prayer and trust, our eyes are...

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Multiply: Mike & Sharon

Watch this moving testimony of radical generosity by Mike and Sharon Freeman, members of the Brier Creek Campus. {[ vimeo id:'192525491' ]}

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Multiply: Changing Hearts

John is a small group leader at the Summit and has really seen God move in the lives of his group members. One couple shared with the group that they had been giving consistently and sacrificially for a couple decades. They had often seen God care for them through life’s ups and downs. However, due to disappointments with the Church, they harbored bitterness and anger. About a year ago this manifested itself in “laziness” in giving. They were apathetic, unexcited givers, holding back “just because.” As the wife (Amy) said ""Bottom line, we were sinning against God and okay with that.” Through...

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Multiply: Giving Back to God and Wanting More of Him

Giving back to God what he has first given me makes me want God even more. Todd and Mary have been Summit members for over seven years. They have loved seeing God move in them as a couple and in the church body, but they will both admit that it has been a bumpy ride of faith. When Multiply was first presented to Summit, Mary was working full time while Todd was finishing up his PhD. They were on a very tight budget and didn’t have much to give, but they both felt strongly that God wanted to stretch their faith...

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Multiply: Wake Up

Linda had been married to David for several years when she first noticed a change in him. She had prayed for him since the beginning of their marriage that his religiosity would change to saving faith, and her prayers were finally being answered! Until about four years ago, David had never really woken up to the beauty of the gospel and of the deep love he had in Christ. About the time Pastor JD wrote his book, “Gospel” (and preached a sermon series on it) David finally started to really live. “It was like a light came on. Previously I had just...

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Available: Using Our Gifts for His Glory

An old hymn begins "Jesus paid it all; all to him I owe..." "All." That means nothing is held back. That means all time, talents, and treasures are gladly given to Jesus because of his work on the cross. “Gladly,” “all,” “time,” “talents,” and “treasures” are words that can be used to describe Jerry and Celeste Bloomfield’s story. Their individual journeys of generosity began early in their lives. Jerry’s story started with the example his mother set when he was a teenager. Jerry began to a see a change in her when she was saved when he was 16 years old. He noticed that his...

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