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Disillusioned Central Asians Ask Persistently and Find Answers in the Gospel

Amir and Musa are two of only a handful of believers in their city in Central Asia. They and two other local believers sat down to dinner with our team from the Summit, and as we started eating, I was overcome with the realization that this was a unique and precious opportunity. Craig, the Summit-sent missionary and team leader there, gave us permission to ask whatever we wanted. I immediately jumped in. “What’s your story? How did you come to know Jesus?” Amir is pretty shy and quiet, but he began to tell us his story in the local language....

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The Boiler Room: Come, Ask, and See What God Does

We left our house at 8:15 a.m., and I forgot my coffee. Want to know what it’s like to get five kids out the door on a Sunday morning at 8:15 when it’s 6 degrees outside? And, you’re Southerners? It means you forget your coffee and let me just tell you: It ain’t "Easy Like Sunday Morning," as Lionel Richie might have you believe. We parked, walked our parka-clad children to their classes, waved to the under-appreciated parking attendants in snow masks, and headed toward the Boiler Room. The Boiler Room, you ask? The first time I heard those three words, I imagined two...

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Summit Kids Impacted Our Decision to Decline Out-of-state Job Offer

Last fall, we were approached by my college roommate with an offer that would uproot our family and require us to move to the western part of Virginia and a small town called Waynesboro. Jay and I have known each other for 15 years and have grown really close. We would talk monthly about business, parenting, and life. We clicked well and always have. I have been working at the Chick-fil-A on Roxboro Road for seven and a half years, and Jay has been with me through this whole journey. When he offered us the job in Virginia, my wife...

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Multiply Giving: ‘I Knew I Had to Be Obedient, But It Was Scary’

Two years ago, when the Multiply commitments were first made, I really struggled with handing in a commitment card. I struggled because the number I wanted to write down for my commitment (which was feasible, in my estimation) was not the number I knew God was impressing on my heart to write down. It wasn't that I was opposed to giving; I had already been giving for a long time. But I had become “comfortable” in my giving, and it was no longer making an impact on me or my family's lifestyle anymore. I felt God challenging me to write down a...

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‘We Are Going to Struggle, but in the End, the Gospel Wins’

After going through a divorce, Mark Brown entered a “Men’s Fitness” magazine transformation story contest and won. But the real prize was a newfound ministry and opportunities to share the gospel with men who wanted to know not just about how to get fit but how to have hope.

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God Answers Prayer for an Opportunity to Give

I'm a member at Chapel Hill's campus and was inspired by the sermon from Galatians 6 on giving. I prayed for an opportunity to give that day, and I met a family at Walgreen's (well, they were waiting for prescriptions, and I was nearby). Their daughter had some kind of eye condition—really swollen, almost blind—and the family looked pretty poor. It seemed like she had several medical issues. I felt God stirring in my heart, so I got a Walgreens gift card and slipped it to the little girl when her dad was in the aisle and told her to give...

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Summit Team’s Response to 221 Baptisms in Uganda: Worship

As we set off from RDU airport in early October, I knew this trip, my fourth trip to work with the incredible South Sudanese people, would be a little different. I was making this trip with three of my closest friends and brothers in Christ from my small group who had heard me talk about South Sudan and the people in Eastern Africa for three years, each of whom has their own story of how God led them to be used for his good work. For two of them, it was their first trip ever out of the U.S., and...

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Summit Friends and Members Help Renew Homeless Woman’s Faith

Everyone needs someone to believe in them, especially when life has knocked them down. For some who are experiencing crisis, the timely encouragement and support of others can lead to renewed faith in God and humanity. Allison,* a Summit member, first became acquainted with Tori in 2014 when she hired Tori, an interior designer, to help decorate her home. They quickly found that they enjoyed each other’s company and soon became close friends. Then Tori’s life suddenly spiraled out of control, as she experienced a messy divorce, a downturn in business, and even the loss of her home. Finding herself homeless,...

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Summit Couple Says 'Yes' to God and Seven Adoptions

They have 12 kids: five biological, seven adopted, and four of them with special needs. There are school lunches to pack. And loads of laundry. And meals for 14. But somehow, Rob and Maureen Tumey are surprised that anyone would want to hear their story. Because, as Maureen shared, they’re “nothing special, just an ordinary family who has said ‘yes’ to God—again and again and again.” Rob and Maureen had always considered adoption. But after having three kids and then getting the news of twins on the way, they felt their quiver of five may just end up being enough. Their...

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God Made a Way to Meet Multiply Goal

I started going to the Summit a little over two years ago and really got involved right about when Multiply was starting. I was fresh out of college, just started my career, and was a little nervous about pledging money, but I prayed and knew God would provide a means to meet the goal he put on my heart. I got pretty discouraged in meeting my pledge last summer. I had just paid off my college debt and was completely debt free when I got in an accident and my car was totaled. Since I live far from home, I wanted...

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