Church Planting Residency

We believe: (1) God’s strategy for fulfilling the Great Commission is planting (and replanting) churches. Church planting is the most effective strategy for seeing lives and communities transformed by the gospel. (2) Everything rises and falls on leadership. Our residency is designed to prepare leaders to steward their gifts for maximum impact.

What is a church planting residency?

One-part leadership finishing school, one-part church planting incubator, one-part gospel DNA, residency is a 9-mo training experience designed to equip lead pastors to plant or replant gospel-centered churches. From the beginning, God has called competent leaders to build his church. Our residency is designed to invest in those kind of leaders to help them succeed.

Residents begin with the vision of a new church. Over 9 months, we share with them everything we’ve learned about building a healthy, thriving church. We help them develop their vision, build a strong team, raise the resources they need, and develop the strategies and systems of a gospel-centered church. We help them clarify what kind of church God has called them to build in their city and how to make that dream a reality.

Typically, we take 5-7 residents a year. Residents gather twice a month for training and coaching with seasoned pastors and planters. Full-time residents serve on staff and prepare to be sent from a Summit Network or partner church. Part-time residents participate in residency while leading their churches.

What You Can Expect

  • Training – we will help you become a better leader and teach you everything we know about how to plant and lead a church
  • Relationship – your cohort will become a lot like your church planting family, and you’ll have the opporunity to join the larger family of Summit Network
  • Funding – you’ll receive financial support from network churches
  • Sending – our churches send not only money but people
  • Coaching – our relationship doesn’t end when you’re sent

How To Apply

Residency begins August 1st and ends April 30th. We begin considering candidates in October of the prior year and begin making decisions in March.

Inquiry → Assessment → Approval → Residency

To inquire, fill out our Church Planter Interest Form and someone from our staff will follow up with you.