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Best Ideas for Worshiping With Kids at Home

Jul 21, 2020 | By Tyler English

Church looks a little different these days. We know it can be hard and frustrating sometimes, but—moms and dads—you are doing a great job. Keep it up! We believe “doing church” together as a family could be a defining marker in the spiritual life of your kids. Below are a few tips our Summit Kids team wants to equip you with for worshiping as a family at home. Press on! You CAN do this!

Be Prepared

Everyone loves some sort of consistency. When kids are beginning something new, consistency is key to success and the formation of new habits. Like entering into a new school year takes preparation, so does a new format of church. It helps to be prepared!

  • Be consistent in the time you worship each week. Choose a service time that works best for your family and make it a priority to “do church” at that time each week. 
  • Let your kids help pick out some special supplies for the weekend (clipboard, pencils/pens, colored pencils, markers, etc.) to create a Service Supply Kit. Only use these supplies for weekend worship or family worship times. 
  • Take advantage of the resources our church puts out each and every week. For elementary-aged kids, there are sermon notes sheets that help them follow along during the service. Having these materials printed out and ready to go communicates that we believe this is important and worth preparing ourselves to participate. Visit our Facebook or Instagram (@summitrdukids) pages for ideas to engage your preschoolers.

Set the Tone

This is a great time to practice what it looks like to be involved in “big church.” It is important to make sure that even though some things have changed in this season, our worship of God has not stopped. Set the tone that we participate as a family:

  • When the music is playing, everyone sings. Yes, even dad! 
  • During the sermon, everyone is listening, using sermon notes, and has an open Bible. Preschoolers and their Bibles are the cutest!
  • During prayer times, Dad goes first (if applicable). Then he chooses who goes next until the whole family has had a chance to pray using the guide on the screen.

Set the tone by participating in worship as parents and expecting that same participation from your kids. 


Make family worship (Read, Pray, Sing) part of your family’s weekday routine. This will give you another opportunity to “schedule discipleship” into your calendar and teach the habit of learning together as a family. Haven’t done family worship before? Start today by using these videos on our Summit Kids YouTube channel. 

Give Grace

Your worship time is not going to be perfect. You may get frustrated. Your kids may not listen. THAT’S OK! The win is consistency. Worshiping God as a family is an eternal investment in your first mission field. Give yourself grace and extend the grace that God gives us to your kids as well. 

Our Summit Kids family is here to support you in this task, so please reach out and let us know if we can further partner with you to raise your kids for Christ!