Women's Discipleship

Read, study, teach, and apply the Scriptures

Women's discipleship at the Summit exists to provide women with opportunities to read, study, teach, and apply the Scriptures to their everyday lives. We equip and champion women at the Summit to be disciples who make disciples in RDU and around the world.

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Bible Studies

Bible studies are designed to be ongoing learning and growth opportunities for women. They build regular habits and practices for studying, understanding, and applying Scripture. The studies are offered each semester (for six to 12 weeks) and focus on individual books of the Bible. They are primarily led by table facilitators.

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Coffee and Connections

Looking to connect and fellowship with women from your campus? These casual events are a great place to get started, make connections, and catch up with friends over coffee. We look forward to getting to know you!

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Equip Groups

Equip groups provide step-by-step training in relational discipleship. Participants learn how to observe, interpret, and apply the central message of Scripture. Equip groups are designed to offer discipleship for one year. At many of our campuses, Equip groups begin in the fall and finish in the spring. If you do not see any Equip Groups offered at your campus, look out for new ones to begin in the fall.

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Teaching Track

The women's teaching track is a 10-week course that provides training on how to accurately interpret Scripture and transfer that content into responsible expositional teaching for disciples within spheres of influence. Women will also have the opportunity to practice those skills and receive peer and teacher feedback.

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