The Summit Church offers several types of counseling ministry, each designed to unpack the hope of the gospel for the unique features of our various struggles.

Small Groups

Even if you choose another part of our church’s ministry for care at this time, we highly recommend joining a small group. The sustainability of any change will be greatly enhanced by the relationships, encouragement, and accountability a small group provides.

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Recovery Support Groups (G4)

G4 groups provide a small group atmosphere where individuals invest a season of their life in overcoming a particular life-dominating struggle of sin or suffering. These groups provide a safe environment where members learn insights and skills that will allow them to more fully engage in biblical community.

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Preparing for Marriage

Preparing for Marriage (PFM) is the premarital counseling ministry of The Summit Church for seriously dating, engaged, and “just married” couples. PFM is designed for couples to begin right after they get engaged and be involved in for as long as they would like after they are married. Couples who are married by a Summit pastor are required to complete this program. The Summit places a great deal of importance on marriage, and we would love to be a part of helping you prepare for yours!

To effectively complete our Preparing for Marriage program, you need to register at least six months prior to your wedding. If you have less than six months remaining, some parts of the program will not be completed until after the wedding. For those couples with less than six months remaining that want to complete their pre-marital counseling before their wedding, we recommend either Bridgehaven or our Graduate Counseling Program for your pre-marital counseling. We also encourage every couple to take part in the “Creating a Gospel-centered Marriage” seminars either before or after your wedding.

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Graduate-level Counseling Intern Program

This program offers free pastoral counseling for individuals and couples. Our counseling interns are completing their masters or doctoral degrees in pastoral counseling and receive supervision from the pastor of counseling and the professors of their respective institutions as they serve you.

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Bridgehaven Counseling Associates

This non-profit ministry launched by the Summit provides pastoral counseling from a full-time, experienced counselor on a donation basis. Bridgehaven offers a high quality of care that is both clinically-informed and consistent with the teaching of The Summit Church.

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Financial Coaching

The Summit’s stewardship ministry provides free, confidential, one-on-one financial coaching to the community. Our volunteer financial coaches offer biblically-based coaching sessions to help you learn how to gain control of your personal finances according to God’s plan.

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Resources and Upcoming Events

Preparing for Marriage Mentor Training

If you and your spouse are covenant members of the Summit Church, have been married for 5 or more years, and want to be trained for one of the most exciting and rewarding ministries at the Summit, please join us for an upcoming PFM mentor training session! Preparing for Marriage (PFM) is the premarital counseling ministry of The Summit Church, in which we pair mentors with an engaged couple to meet with during the months leading up to their marriage. This is a great opportunity for them to ask questions and assimilate what they're learning through the “Gospel-Centered Marriage” seminar series.

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Creating a Gospel-Centered Marriage: Intimacy

May 18, 2019 at the Brier Creek Campus. What are we going to talk about in this seminar? Sex… romance… affection… affirming words… weekly date nights… talking about our feelings… vulnerability… What is “intimacy”? Chances are you won’t create something you can’t define and many couples have a hard time agreeing about what counts as intimacy. “Agreeing to disagree” is definitely not the solution to this dilemma. For this seminar “intimacy” will be used to capture the full breadth of romantic activities shared by husband and wife. This seminar is about maintaining a deep sense of enjoyment for each other.

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Counseling Seminar Resources

Did you know that past seminars (on various topics like Addiction, Grief, Marriage, Post Traumatic Stress, and many others) are available in video or podcast format? These are great resources that may be beneficial to you, someone in your small group, or even a co-worker or neighbor going through a difficult time. We also offer live seminars each spring and fall. You can see the upcoming topics and dates on the Events page.

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