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Brier Creek Women's Discipleship -- November 2020

Oct 02, 2020

We are full of thanksgiving that NOVEMBER has arrived! Before you carve out time to bake up ideas for your gratitude journal, feast your eyes on these delicious updates for the women of Brier Creek!

Coffee and Connections (Register HERE)

Friday, November 20  //  7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Lobby of Summit en Espanol

Coffee and Connections is for women who would like to meet and connect with other women in a smaller, more intimate environment, as well as discover ways they can engage in the mission of God through opportunities at the Summit. Please wear a mask, and bring your own chair if you want/need more social distance than a picnic table can offer!

Save the Date  //  Summit Women's Conference

Friday + Saturday,  March 5 + 6

Ok, ok, we know. An in-person women’s conference seems like an unrealistic fantasy at this point in the pandemic, right? But let’s take a minute to dream: an auditorium filled with women’s voices worshiping God. Hugging women you haven’t seen in a year. Jada Edwards (!!) on stage teaching from God’s Word. Sounds like a little slice of heaven! There are a million unknowns about the logistics, but we do know the date: March 5-6! Tickets go on sale January 1, so mark your calendar and stay tuned!

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