Thirty Days: A Resource to Catalyze Daily Time with God

This simple, but powerful guide is designed to help you increase the time and benefits of your daily time with God. Written by Chris Gaynor, Summit’s Pastor of Prayer, the guide provides both the motivation and the pathway for meaningful times with God.

God, because he is gracious, has provided two important mediums for us to connect with him. In the Bible, we hear from him. In prayer, we can speak with him, share our hopes and dream, grow in our love for him, and ask for his help where we need it. Connecting with our Creator is something we all need. Many of us want to do it, but are unsure how to get started. Let this guide get you on your way today!

“Remember that the goal is to develop your relationship with God. Let that be your primary focus. This is so much more than just a discipline to be mastered, it’s an essential part of knowing and walking with God.”

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