City Project

A two-month, intensive discipleship and missional experience where students serve locally, nationally, and internationally

What is City Project?

A two-month, intensive discipleship and missional experience where students serve locally, nationally, and internationally.

City Project includes one week in one of our domestic church planting locations, five weeks in Wake Forest, and two weeks overseas. Students learn how to apply the gospel to every aspect of their lives and make disciples who make disciples. These eight weeks immerse students in the local church and global cities and teach them how to practically love God, love each other, and love our world.

Students travel to one of our domestic church plants for one week to serve the church and the city and get a glimpse of what it looks like to plant a domestic church.

The middle of the summer includes several weeks in Wake Forest, North Carolina, receiving practical theological and ministry training by pastors at the Summit. During this time, students will learn to effectively share the gospel and give their lives away in RDU in response to the gospel.

During the last two weeks of the summer, students will travel abroad to serve alongside Summit church planters. This is an excellent opportunity to explore the mission of God, develop a heart for the nations, and better understand what it means to leverage their lives for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Apply for City Project 2024

When: May 20-July 11, 2024

Cost: $5,500

Where: During City Project, students will spend one week serving alongside one of our domestic church plants, several weeks training, learning, and serving in Wake Forest, and two weeks in Europe, South Asia, Africa, East Asia, or Southeast Asia.

Apply Now

Applications will be accepted through February 1st, 2024. Once applications are received, a member of the Summit College staff will contact each student to set up an interview. Students will then receive notification about whether or not they are accepted into the program and will then be invited to the kickoff weekend in mid-February.

"City Project was easily one of the most formative seasons of my life. It prepared me to speak unashamedly about my faith at work and routinely pray with my patients. It also cultivated a lasting pattern of truly desiring spiritual food from the Word on a daily basis. I would challenge anyone desiring to go to med school to give a summer to City Project!”

Lukas Keil, UNC Orthopaedic Surgeon

“Making disciples in the business world is tough. But City Project gave me 1) a stronger belief and faith in the power of Jesus to save and 2) healthy habits of prayer and being in God’s Word that keep me grounded and motivated to pursue my lost coworkers. To the business school students: Don’t let anyone convince you that doing City Project will set you back in your career. Spending this summer developing as a believer is infinitely more important and strategic than setting up your next summer internship.”

John Mclendon, JP Morgan Investment Banker

Frequently Asked Questions

We will follow all CDC guidelines for the entirety of the project and will do all we can to ensure that ALL students are safe.

The primary way is through communicating to those who want to invest in your development as a disciple of Jesus. Through letter or email, combined with a personal visit or phone call, convey the unique opportunity you have in the City Project. This is more than a mission trip. It is a holistic development of right thinking about God, a vision for the church, and a love for the people of the world. You should start having these conversations as soon as you turn in your application. You don’t have to ask for money yet, but especially to those you know well, begin talking about the City Project and share your excitement with them. After your official acceptance into the City Project, we will train you how to raise support and you will be given sample letters and other resources to use.

Most funds go toward your plane ticket and in-country costs for the International trip and lodging/food expenses in Wake Forest. Other costs include books, paying teachers, and the Church Plant trip.

We have clear support raising deadlines in place that have been communicated to your student. While we will work with your student as much as possible as they seek to meet these deadlines, if the international deadline is not met by the specified date, then they will not be able to travel internationally for that portion of the summer and it will be evaluated whether or not they can still participate in the rest of the summer, provided that they raise the funds to cover all expenses. We truly believe that God has called your student to this project and that he will be faithful to provide the funds as your student works hard and is faithful to follow the support raising process we have in place.