Local Sending

God is making a great name for himself in RDU and among the nations, and he has called all Christians to be an active part of his mission. It is our firm belief that every member of the church can be a part of this task. We call all of Summit’s local sending ServeRDU.

Every member at The Summit Church has the opportunity to participate in the work the Lord is doing in RDU. First and foremost, every Christian can pray. Pray for the poor and marginalized and pray for that we would love our neighbors holistically. Second, every Christian can serve. Join one of our ServeRDU teams and connect to your campus’ plan to serve year-round and see your community transformed.

Upcoming in ServeRDU

FreedomRDU: Get involved during Covid-19

Love on incarcerated men and women during this time of Covid-19, though letter-writing and Bible-study review, with Christian Library International. 

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Blue Card Training

Blue training is required to serve inside our local prisons. You must submit the application about 1 month ahead of time for the training. Email prisonministry@summitrdu.com for application and deadline details.Men's Prison: 9/17/20; 11/19/20 Women's Prison: 7/27/20; 9/21/20

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Serve with the Prison Re-entry Ministry

Assist with the practical needs (housing, work, transportation, etc.) of our justice-involved neighbors, encourage them in their personal walk with Christ, and support their ongoing relationship with the Church. Email prisonministry@summitrdu.com to connect with next steps. 

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ServeRDU Demystified

We believe that doing justice is the way that we fulfill the great commandments to love God and love our neighbor and therefore can’t be...

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Just Communities: Christians and Education - Part 2

Education in the History of MissionsSome years ago, Christianity Today reported on a sociological study, led by Robert Woodberry, that examined the correlation between missionary...

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The Summit Church has established ministries focusing on eight groups of vulnerable and marginalized neighbors.

Where We Serve

Each of our campuses has a strategy to engage their surrounding community. We funnel all of our ServeRDU ministries through our campuses so that we can prioritize relationships and proximity.

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We partner with like-minded organizations which bring training, infrastructure, and strategy. The church brings community, relationships, and the gospel. We focus on shared values and objectives, recognizing that as our people engage with their communities, they are bringing Jesus into the mix. Serving is often an effective way to demonstrate the transformational power of the gospel.

Our partner organizations


Resources for Members and Other Churches

While we still have a long way to go, there is much that we have learned through serving our community.

Below, you will find links to training resources that we’ve developed. We hope you find this page helpful. If you’d like to talk with us or have any questions, please email us at serverdu@summitrdu.com.