Upcoming Trips

Apply to go on an upcoming short-term mission trip

Thank you for considering going on a short-term trip with the Summit! We are boldly asking God to give us the promise he made to Jesus in Psalm 2:8. “Ask me, and I will make the nations your inheritance” (NIV). You are part of the answer to that prayer.

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Requirements to Go on a Short-term Trip

To apply to go on a short-term trip, you must:

  1. Be a follower of Christ.
  2. Be a member or regular, in-person attendee of The Summit Church.
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of the gospel and how it propels us to go to the nations.

Search for an Upcoming Trip by Campus

Southeast Asia - Mar (5016)

3/3/2023 to 3/11/2023 $2,000.00

Estimated trip cost: $2,000.00
Applications and $300.00 deposit due November 3, 2022.

Come assist some of our church planters in their ministry in Southeast Asia through praying, sharing in the community, and developing church leaders.

Chris Jacobsen (Leader) Apply

London - Mar (5051)

3/5/2023 to 3/11/2023 $1,600.00

Estimated trip cost: $1,600.00
Applications and $300.00 deposit due November 5, 2022.

Ryan Doherty (Leader) Apply

Southeast Asia - Mar (5017)

3/10/2023 to 3/19/2023 $1,800.00

Estimated trip cost: $1,800.00
Applications and $300.00 deposit due November 10, 2022.

Come visit this large Southeast Asia city and work alongside one of Summit's field partners in ministering to college students as well as the community as a whole.

Adebayo Oni (Leader) Apply

Kenya - Mar (5034)

3/10/2023 to 3/20/2023 $1,900.00

Estimated trip cost: $1,900.00
Applications and $300.00 deposit due November 10, 2022.

Come experience the beautiful country of Kenya from the perspective of one of our missionary families. On this care trip, we will preview what life is like in Kenya from various perspectives. We will spend our time drinking chai with local Ambassadors Football staff and then join them in various locations around Nairobi to participate in their football ministry. We will also visit some Kenyan families in their homes, explore the beautiful landscape and hear stories of God changing lives. There will be times to be an encouragement to our field partners as well as be encouraged by what God is doing in and through Kenya.

Ryan Doherty (Leader) Apply

Western Europe - Apr (5019)

4/21/2023 to 4/29/2023 $1,900.00

Estimated trip cost: $1,900.00
Applications and $300.00 deposit due December 22, 2022.

Come serve alongside a church planter in Western Europe who works primarily with North African and Middle Eastern populations. You'll get to spend time prayer walking, mapping the city, and sharing your faith along with encouraging this field partner in their work.

Anna Ashley (Leader) Apply

North Africa - May (5059)

5/24/2023 to 6/2/2023 $1,700.00

Estimated trip cost: $1,700.00
Applications and $300.00 deposit due January 24, 2023.

Rich Bowman II (Leader) Apply

Elevate Summer Project 2023

6/26/2023 to 7/23/2023 $4,000.00

Estimated trip cost: $4,000.00
Applications and $300.00 deposit due November 20, 2022.

As a church, our goal is to send every member. In Summit Students, this comes through mobilizing our families on mission together. Through our local mission opportunities, domestic trips and international short-term trips. The culmination of this for many of our students comes through being a part of Elevate Summer Project. This 8 month discipleship program provides a venue for students to be discipled and trained with the end goal of participating in a month long missions experience overseas. This opportunity is open to all current Junior and Senior High School Students. We know that this is a tremendous investment with the most precious thing God has given you to steward, so we don't take that lightly. We desire to partner with you as your family explores if Elevate Summer Project would be a good fit for your student.

Josh Joyner (Leader) Apply

There are no results for this campus.