God Answers Prayer for an Opportunity to Give

Jan 05, 2018

I'm a member at Chapel Hill's campus and was inspired by the sermon from Galatians 6 on giving. I prayed for an opportunity to give that day, and I met a family at Walgreen's (well, they were waiting for prescriptions, and I was nearby). Their daughter had some kind of eye condition—really swollen, almost blind—and the family looked pretty poor. It seemed like she had several medical issues.

I felt God stirring in my heart, so I got a Walgreens gift card and slipped it to the little girl when her dad was in the aisle and told her to give it to him.

The amount was more than I can typically afford. I thanked God for the opportunity, but I also prayed that he would provide for me financially so that I would not let anxiety overtake that moment. I knew he was asking me to do it, so I took heart.

Two days later, I woke up to my paycheck with a 35 percent bonus—not expected at all or told ahead of time. It really is a God bonus!

I am so blown away by God's direct provision. I am so thankful for him, that family, and the beauty of our church.

By Marlie Winslow