Multiply: Wake Up

Jun 27, 2016

Linda had been married to David for several years when she first noticed a change in him. She had prayed for him since the beginning of their marriage that his religiosity would change to saving faith, and her prayers were finally being answered!

Until about four years ago, David had never really woken up to the beauty of the gospel and of the deep love he had in Christ. About the time Pastor JD wrote his book, “Gospel” (and preached a sermon series on it) David finally started to really live.

“It was like a light came on. Previously I had just been a 'good guy' who did the right things, but had no relationship with Jesus and didn't understand what the gospel was all about,” said David.

He and Linda went on a mission trip to Kenya, which jump-started David's passion in wanting to help others in need, which naturally changed how both of them viewed giving. Instead of giving their normal 10% out of duty, David and Linda started giving out of the overwhelming joy in their lives.

They started providing scholarships for two students in Africa, as well as supporting several missionaries on the field, and now joyfully look for opportunities where they can give or serve more.

“The opportunity to support the work being done through Summit to reach people for Jesus and to walk in obedience to God's claims on our lives gives us a joy that we had never experienced before. We now find ourselves actively looking for opportunities to invest in His kingdom,” said Linda.

One of the reasons David loves the Summit is because it's not as much a church, as it is a movement. Being a part of this church and hearing Pastor JD’s sermons has led to a top-to-bottom change in his thinking. “My desires have changed, and while I await the Holy Spirit's leading in terms of service, I also realize the importance, amazing power, and satisfaction that can be found in mundane faithfulness. I have found great joy in serving in many ‘small’ ways, including looking for more opportunities to invest in God's kingdom,” said David.

by Elizabeth Ashford
Volunteer Writer