Paul and Kristina Brock

Jun 05, 2016

Meet Paul and Kristina Brock:

Paul and Kristina have two little kids, have been with Summit Cary for the past 3 years and serve at Next Steps on Sunday mornings.

“We are both alumni of and huge UNC fans. Paul really enjoys technology, woodworking and building things. While I don't do these very often with small kids running around, when I do have free time, I enjoy reading, sewing, growing things in our garden, and just resting!

The biggest thing we enjoy about serving at Next Steps on Sunday mornings is being able to help people get connected. With our church being so big, helping people get connected to a small group, or find out more information about different ministries helps make the church smaller. We also have enjoyed being able to meet other people who serve so that we start making more connections as well. As small group leaders, we have loved being able to open our home to other people and build relationships with the people in our group.

We have both grown in seeing how the Gospel changes every aspect of our lives. All of our obedience and works were nothing. We began to desire to serve more, give more of both our time and money, and pursue people more in response to that understanding.”