A Simple Invitation Renewed Our Faith in Community

Sep 01, 2017

My husband is in the Air Force, so we move every one to four years around the country. Our most recent assignment was in Utah, where we were shocked by the culture and spiritual deadness. We've never had more spiritual conversations relationally, but the churches out there struggle, so we struggled to connect with believers.

In August, we moved to Raleigh and began attending the Summit. We heard Pastor J.D.’s calls for people to leverage their jobs and join small groups, and we agree completely. But after growing up in the church, we kind of tuned out these points because we've heard it so many times.

Then, after six years of struggling with infertility, we became pregnant but lost the baby in November. We really struggled with this on so many levels. One day I was so desperate for friendship that I flat out told my hairstylist about the miscarriage and that I was really lonely. She happens to attend the Summit, and after our appointment, she sent me a text inviting us to a game night. There, we met more than 10 couples who attend the Summit, and we were invited to join a small group.

From there we've joined an awesome small group, gotten involved at church, and gone through Starting Point. My husband has joined a men's basketball league with other church members. We have real relationships for the first time in years and are loving the community! God has used the Summit to renew our belief in the power of the church and the importance of getting involved. It just goes to show that someone, in this case a hairstylist, can leverage what she does to win people for the kingdom and impact lives greatly. I don't know where we would be today without her act of kindness in inviting us to her game night.

We are so thankful for our time here at the Summit and that Pastor J.D. pushes members to leverage their jobs and join small groups. It's impacted our lives!

by Sarah S.