The Ogles

May 19, 2016

The Ogles volunteer at Next Steps, are Small Group Leaders, are part of the AM service prayer team and help with ServeRDU.

“We are high school sweethearts, starting our lives in our hometown of Carthage Missouri, moving to Nashville, TN, then to North Carolina.

I am a hobby seamstress and embroidery/monogram craftsperson. I love making quilts and basking in the glow of fabric stores. Steve is a wood turner. Making awesome bowls: bark edge bowls, knitting bowls, pepper and salt mills or whatever the wood ‘tells’ him. Together we live in rural Sanford on 16 acres along the Deep River where we kayak, raise chickens for eggs and honey bees.

“One example of how we have seen the Lord use this church was back in 2011 when Steve was seriously hurt. We were new to Summit, but that did not matter. Overnight, we felt the love and care of the church body. We had visitors, prayer warriors and Tracy Hoggard stayed with me the first night Steve was in the hospital. She was such a blessing to me. Not to leave a single person out, there were many others that reached out to us. God is a healing God. Steve is fully restored… (well, he is still a bit quirky), but we have been forever impacted by Summit Cary.

One more quick story from our small group: It was small group night, we had just arrived home about an hour prior to everyone arriving. When we arrived home, the 1/3 of a mile driveway, through the woods was CLEAR. Well, not for long, a huge tree fell, blocking the driveway. The awesome part was, our dedicated small group family parked their car at the downed tree and started walking to the house….snacks in hand. Clearly food is very important to us :). And then with the help of our group, we were able to move the large tree and small group continued!”