The Phillips Family

May 12, 2016

The Phillips have been attending Summit Cary since the campus first launched as a grassroots in Brier Creek south with a couple hundred interested people back in 2011.

Ricky and Latrice lead their own multi generational small group as well as lead worship and large group for Summit Kids - Preschool.

“Most people wouldn’t know I, (Latrice) grew up a farm girl in southeast NC (my dad has a pig farm) and I love party planning (thank you Pinterest)! Ricky enjoys all things home brew related (he is a self proclaimed beer aficionado). And he also loves to fish and hunt, which leads him to secretly hope to one day start his own reality show called “real house husbands of the south.” We have a little girl named Emery who loves everything Pepa Pig.

Before we became connected in a small group and began volunteering, church was a thing we just did. We did out of obligation, because that is what good people do. We struggled as individuals in our walk with Christ which also put a strain on our marriage. It was a strain so severe that we knew it wasn't something we could fix without the help of Christ.

It is through Summit, and the building of relationships within a small group setting, that we first began to understand the gospel, and see church not as something you do out of show or obligation, but that we did to feed our soul and to grow in our relationship with Christ. We not only grew in our understanding of Christ and our knowledge of the gospel, but through this we found ourselves giving each other grace in our marriage and having the ability to mend what we didn't think we could fix. What we wouldn't have been able to fix on our own. God revealed himself to us in a mighty way when we felt broken as a couple and He did this through our small group family.”