Tyler & Amy Mullis

Apr 12, 2016

Tyler is one of the bass players on the worship team and Amy helps with Volunteer Headquarters.

“We have been attending the Cary Campus for a year and are currently missionary appointee’s for Trans World Radio.

We have been challenged and stretched while serving at Cary. When we moved to the area a year ago to start raising support for our positions at TWR, we did not want to get involved with volunteering at the church because we knew we would be traveling some weekends to speak at churches (or other excuses we came up with). But once we dove into a small group and started volunteering we have been blessed by gospel centered friendships the have been made through these opportunities. These friends have prayed alongside us through this crazy journey and continue to uplift us through all of this. We would be so lonely and our faith would be struggling without these connections made over the year.”