Your Prayers for South Asia Are Making a Difference

Jun 16, 2017

Summit Worker Witnesses Healing and Conversion After Prayer

“Know that your prayers have a great impact on numerous people,” shares a Summit worker living in South Asia. For several months she has been spreading the word of an urgent prayer request on behalf of her house helper. This woman, a local believer, has been a beacon of light in her dark community and has been boldly declaring her faith despite much community scorn and ridicule. When this woman’s infant granddaughter became very ill and was diagnosed with a serious heart defect, “A” recognized the situation as another opportunity to seek the glory of her heavenly Father. She believed firmly that her granddaughter’s healing would be done by the Father’s mercy and power.

“My Jesus is always with me,” she declared in the face of her pain and concern. She started to recruit committed prayer partners and asked the Summit worker to spread the word.

After several weeks of intense prayer, the granddaughter’s most recent medical checkup revealed no evidence of the previous hole in her heart! The baby continues to improve in health.

On the heels of this remarkable answer to prayer, the biggest miracle came next. The baby’s father, who is Muslim and from a Muslim family, has seen this work of the Lord and has declared he is ready to follow Jesus. He has already taken the exceptional step of telling his parents! He has a copy of the Word and is reading it. The Summit worker and her team are asking God that his new faith will be like the seeds planted among the rich soil and will flourish.

“The testimony of the prayers for this family will continue to impact people as their story is retold throughout communities and generations,” she shared. “I am overwhelmed with joy at how his name is being honored and lifted up in this pocket of great darkness. The light of truth now shines a bit brighter, and it seems we have a new brother!”

Summit family, thank you for your labor in prayer as God is actively working to draw the nations to himself!