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Capital Hills Campus | High School Summer Small Groups

Jun 15, 2020 | By William Calhoun

Hey Summit High Schoolers and Parents!

Starting Sunday, June 21 we will begin hosting our small groups on Sunday mornings at 10AM via Zoom, rather than at 5PM. If your student has already been logging into our small groups, they will use the same link. If they have not yet done so, they can register here to get a link that is unique to them (if you have more than one child, they will both need to register). This helps to to ensure we have a secure digital environment!

Why the change? We know it's difficult enough to get up on Sunday morning to do worship online. Convincing yourself to sit back down several hours later and miss out on the beautiful weather and (small) opportunities to hangout with friends is no easy feat! Not to mention, if you're anything like me you have the memory of a goldfish and by the time you remember small group is happening it's too late to join! We're also hoping this will be an easy integration into your morning worship routine if you already attend the 9AM or 11AM service (and 10AM isn't too early even if you've been up all night playing video games after church on Saturday night).

We will start our summer study with Pastor Dhati Lewis teaching us about community and friendship. The study is called Better than One, and will involve watching a short video together followed by group discussion. Many of us are prepping for the new normal that is headed our direction once the social restrictions pass. We believe in the midst of ALL the questions our students are asking, it is important to pause and ask, "Do I want the old normal of what my relationships looked like to be my new normal?" We have, in essence, an opportunity to reset; to reset our expectations, our commitments, and the purpose of relationships we're involved in. Our prayer is that Dhati will help us process how to do that well as he guides us through some fundamentals of christian community and friendship.

To make this work best we are going to utilize a feature in the website Rightnow Media that allows participants to watch a video together, on their own devices, all at the same time. In order for this to work make sure your family has signed up for your free account with Rightnow Media (in short, it's the Netflix of bible study and sermons). If you've not done so you can do so here! It's simple. I will give the rest of the necessary instructions in our meeting on our first Sunday Morning.