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Be a Digital Missionary Easter Week

Mar 18, 2021

Summit Family, 

This weekend at the end of our services you heard the phrase, “You are sent.” Sent where? Back to your room? To the kitchen for another snack? To the greenway for another walk? Maybe, just maybe, God wants to send you this week to someone who does not know Jesus. Maybe God is sending you to your One! What if this Easter, God used you to bring your One who does not know him to a saving faith during a global pandemic? 

Below, you’ll find ways for every day the week of Easter to be a digital missionary.

Monday - Pray for Your One

  • Know God. Pray Psalm 4:6 - Many are asking, “Who will show us some good?” Ask God to reveal his goodness to your friend, especially in light of the suffering around them.
  • Know their sin. Pray Romans 3:23; 6:23 - Ask that God would reveal to your friend their sin and need of a Savior. Acknowledge that our current suffering and grief is real and painful, and there is hope both for our sin and suffering. 
  • Know and believe in Jesus. Pray Romans 5:8; 10:9 - Ask that God would help your friend to understand and believe the gospel, finding hope for today in Christ and for the future. 

Tuesday - Check on Your One

  • Send your friend a text and ask how their Monday was. You are texting them anyway, but be intentional about it. Depending on how close you are to your One, consider asking if there are ways you can pray for them.

Wednesday - Fast and Pray for Your One

  • Check out this article on why and how we fast. 
  • Fasting is not a way for us to impress God or manipulate him. It is a way for us to turn from our physical appetites and recognize our greater hunger and need for God. As you refrain from eating (or some other time-consuming activity such as TV or computer time), be sure to devote that time to prayer. You can use the same prayer points that you prayed on Monday this week. 

Thursday - Check on Your One (Face-to-face or Phone Call) 

  • Call/FaceTime/Google Hang with your friend to ask them how their day has been. 

Friday - Invite and Pray for Your One

  • Invite your friend to attend or watch the service that you will be watching. You can explain to them that Easter is a celebration of the great hope you have in Christ and how that hope has changed your life. 
  • Be sure to give them the link and exact time that you will be watching the service. You can even invite them to watch it together via Google Hangouts, FaceTime, etc. 
  • Before you make the invite, pray and ask God to soften their hearts to simply say “yes.” 

Saturday/Sunday - Celebrate Easter With Your One

  • Remind your friend what time you are attending or watching the service and send them the link again. 
  • Shoot them a text 10 minutes before the service begins and tell them how much you’re excited that they’re joining you today! You can even tell them your thoughts on how online church has been for you the last year. 
  • Follow up with them by asking some of these questions within the hour after service: 
    • What did you think of the service? 
    • What stood out to you the most about the songs and what Pastor J.D. said? 
    • What are your thoughts about God? 
    • Do you think that you have/want a relationship with God? 
    • “Come and see” was a big part of today's Easter message. What do you think keeps you from doing that?
    • Would you be open to reading the Bible with me and/or my small group of friends who are believers? We talk about it every week. 
    • Do you want to start your relationship with Jesus today?