Downtown Durham Family Calendar Summer/Fall 2021

Feb 03, 2021 | By Haleigh Sears

Downtown Durham Family Summer Calendar 2021

June 12th, Saturday 10-1pm Foster and Adoptive Family Day at Capital Hills, All are welcome but please RSVP here

June 21-23rd, VBS: Press PlaySign up here for the Brier Creek campus VBS, GRACE options available at 3 locations.

June 26th, Saturday, 4-7pm - Downtown Durham Food and GamesHangout: Honeysuckle at Lakewood

June 27, Sunday at 7:30 p.m- Parent Equip on living on mission in extracurriculars . Jason Gaston, Multi-Site Pastor at Biltmore Baptist Church

July 10th, Saturday, 10:30 am, Family Hangout: TBD (see family email)

July 21-25, Student Summer Camp, more info and registration here

July 30th, GRACE: families with disabilities respite night - more info to come!

August 1-4 (or 4-7),  Summit Kids Camp: Rewind for 2nd-4th graders, see more info and register here

August 15th Sunday, 7:00pm - Virtual Parent Equip: The Disciple making Grandparent, RSVP here! Invite your grandparents!

August 28th, Saturday, 10 am Family Hangout: TBD

September 10th, GRACE: families with disabilities respite night - more info to follow

September 12th, Sunday, 5 pm, Family Hangout: Durham Bulls Game, more info to follow!

December 3rd, GRACE: families with disabilities respite night - more info to follow

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