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Easter Egg Hunt

Feb 22, 2021

Easter Egg Hunt 

Hide 12 plastic eggs (each numbered 1 through 12) around your house and/or yard. Each egg should contain the following household materials to help retell the story of Easter! After your kids find all 12 numbered eggs, sit down as a family and eat a treat while you talk through each of the symbols together.

EGG #1: A small leaf as a “palm branch” (Matthew 21:1-11) 

EGG #2: A small cloth with perfume on it to symbolize Mary anointing the feet of Jesus with her perfume (John 12:2-8) 

EGG #3: A piece of cereal to illustrate the Last Supper (Matthew 26:17-19)

EGG #4: Three dimes to symbolize Judas’ betrayal of Christ (Matthew 27:3)

EGG #5: Toothpicks glued in the shape of a cross to reflect Jesus carrying his cross (John 19:17)

EGG #6: A small, thorny branch or a single thorn to represent Jesus’ crown (John 19:2)

EGG #7: Small dice to show that the soldiers gambled for Jesus’ clothes (John 19:23-24)

EGG #8: A tiny nail or straight pin to illustrate nailing Jesus to the cross (John 19:18, 37; 20:25-29)

EGG #9: A small bit of sponge to illustrate Matthew 27:34

EGG #10: Several whole cloves or other spices to reflect Jesus’ burial (John 19:40)

EGG #11: A small rock to illustrate the tomb covering (John 20:1)

EGG #12: Empty to show “He is risen!” (John 20:6-7)

Adapted from Lake Pointe Church (Rockwall, Texas)