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Family Ministries: Midweek Resources

Mar 23, 2020

One of our primary goals as a family ministry is to equip parents to be the primary disciplers of their children. We believe that the home is the first mission field, and the greatest missionary to go there is you!

We have compiled a few important resources we believe will be helpful during this season. Though not exhaustive, we are confident these resources can help you build a plan to help see the gospel go forward in your home and in your community. We’re in the trenches with you!


Family Worship 

Family worship is a time set aside to read, pray, and sing together in your home. It won't be perfect, but the win is in the attempt for each of our families and homes. Read, Pray, Sing is our resource to help equip you to win in the home for your time of worship as a family!

Read, Pray Sing Video 

Read, Pray, Sing PDF 

Other Resources

Sample Daily Schedule

Additional Resource List 


Middle School Small Groups

During this time, we are encouraging our parents to take the lead on our middle school curriculum. We’ve provided our leader guide for parents to utilize and the student guide for your student to follow along. You’re equipped to carry out this task! 

Middle School Small Group Guide 

Middle School Small Group Leader's Supplement

High School Small Groups  

During this time, our high school small groups are encouraged to continue meeting virtually until we’re back to meeting together under the same roof. Your students' small group leader will be connecting with you in the days ahead to ensure you are aware of the meeting time.  

High School Small Group Guide

Other Resources

Bible Reading Plan 

Sample Daily Schedule 

Additional Resource List