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Lessons for Working with your Youngest Co-Workers

Apr 20, 2020 | By Josh Navey

As I was having conversations with parents all over the Triangle trying to adjust to the new work-from-home reality, I decided to reach out to a couple WFH veterans and see what tips they had for the rest of us. Follow along for 6 of the best nuggets of wisdom they dropped: 

  • Reset Expectations. Our culture is one of high performance. And that’s because you’re awesome. But a good friend of mine said it took a full year (or two) before he completely adjusted to working from home FT. That means our expectations might need to be reset as we begin week six of work-from-home. Productivity, efficiency, goals. Talk to your supervisor - or maybe more importantly talk to that incessant voice in your head - about what that reset button should look like. 
  • Proximity Breeds Relationship. You can't completely syphon yourself off from your spouse, kids or roommates. And if we're honest, we give our co-workers plenty of latitude to disrupt our workday. So why wouldn't we give that same privilege to those we love and live with? Lean into the relationship, not away from it. And let this season produce the lasting fruit of love through presence, not bitterness through absence. 
  • "No" is Not Forever. There will be times you need to say no and stick to your schedule. You are not forever scarring your kids when you tell them that you have to work right now and will be ready to play later (if they are old enough, tell them a time...and let your yes be yes).
  • Walk and Talk. If possible, walk the neighborhood while you are on the phone. It’s easy for us to set all forms of exercise down right now, but we probably need it more than ever as an outlet for stress. 
  • Communicate with Your Spouse. One work-from-home veteran said the single greatest predictor of work-from-home success with young co-workers is the communication between you and your spouse. Ask God to give you a special measure of the Spirit in this season so your new self can shine through with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control in your communication. Quarantine is a 3-legged race of epic proportions. Walk together.
  • You’re Not Alone. Now more than ever people are full of Zoom grace in this season. We know you might have to go change a diaper, take care of a busted lip, or grab a snack for your kids (literally all three happened in the same meeting last week). Don’t feel compelled to apologize. We’re just glad you’re here. 

Our pastoral team wants you to know we’re here for you and your family as you navigate what this role looks like with your newest & youngest co-workers. Share any struggles you’re having with us ( and let us pray along with you!