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Prayer Walk Your Neighborhood

Feb 08, 2021 | By Gabe Bailie

It is our desire to prayer walk 100% of the neighborhoods that Summit Garner Members call home. 

There is something deep and transformational that happens when we walk the streets of our neighborhood while conversing with God. We invite you to make a weekly practice of walking & praying through your own neighborhood. Take time to WALK, PRAY, PAY ATTENTION, and LISTEN.

Join us each week of February to lift up the people that live around us. 

Week 1: Lord, would you please deepen my love for my neighborhood, this place I call home. Help me to see my neighborhood with Your eyes. May my heart break for those things that break Your heart.

Week 2: Who are the neighbors that God is moving and drawing me towards, nudging me to take that next-step from "acquaintance" into "relationship"? Lord, will You help me move towards friendship with my neighbors, going beyond simply knowing their names.

Week 3: What promises am I praying over my neighborhood? While you are walking, bring to mind specific scriptures that speaks to loving people, the neighborhood, and the expansion of the gospel.

Week 4: Ask God to give me a picture of what our neighborhood could become. Lord, please increase the vision for my neighborhood, that the Lord of the harvest would send me into the fields.

Let us know your praying for your neighborhood by filling out the form below:

Praying for Your Neighborhood