Praying WITH God Together as a Family

Jan 11, 2021

Leading our kids to pray is one of the greatest privileges we have as parents. Think about the significance of giving your child a connection to the most powerful being in the world (and the universe!), the importance of knowing they can communicate with a God who loves them enough to pay attention to them, the impact of beginning to cultivate a relationship, we pray, that will grow for the rest of their lives. The Summit Church wants to partner with you to raise praying kids, and we think praying WITH God daily is an amazing way to do that. 

As you pray together as a family, use each of these markers to help your kids move through an age-appropriate ACTS-type acrostic to honor God, confess our sin, express our gratitude, and present our requests to him: 

  • Wow

Praise God for the awesome works he has done and the perfect Father that he is.

  • I’m Sorry

Confess our sin to God in this simple language, asking with faith that he will forgive us through Jesus. 

  • Thank You

Build a habit of gratitude in our families and kids by reminding ourselves of God’s goodness to us in simple, everyday ways as well as life-changing gifts from above.

  • Help

Lastly, come to God with what we want and need. Ask him for help according to his will and purposes. 

As you pursue prayer together as a family, remember that our Father wants to hear from us. He wants us to be present with him. He’s waiting to enjoy the prayers of your kids. And remember, our Summit Kids team is ready and available to help with any questions you may have as you continue this journey of family discipleship.