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Summit Kids Weekly Resourcing

Sep 19, 2020 | By Jason Gaston

Summit Kids Weekly Resources 

Trying to navigate worship time at a Summit Church Home Gathering with kids can be hectic, crazy, and can even feel impossible at times. However, we believe that one of the greatest gifts you can give your kids is the opportunity for them to worship alongside other believers at The Summit Church...with you and with others. 

“In this season, your kids will remember worshipping together as a family for church, or they won’t remember church at all.” (Megan Willis, The Summit Church, Apex Campus Kids Director) Our hope is for our kids to grow a desire and passion for worshiping God by seeing families and friends worship corporately. Our team is for you. We’re in your corner, and we want to see this hope become a reality. That is why we continue to offer 3 fantastic resources on a weekly basis to help put this in motion. 

  • Summit Kids Sermon Notes: A kid-friendly sermon guide to help them stay connected with the teaching, pay attention, and remain in-step with everyone else in the gathering. Make sure to download this guide before service starts!
  • Summit Kids Preschool Weekend Resources: On this resource you will find ideas on how families can help connect the teaching time with their preschoolers in ways that are fun, creative and engaging. It’s a must for all parents of preschoolers. 
  • Read, Pray, Sing: Each week, our Summit Kids team produces a 10 minute video resource for families at the Summit to watch, loaded with content stemming from the weekend sermon. Our aim is to help drive big truths of the gospel deep into the hearts of our kids. It can be used at your home gatherings as a supplement to the service, a tool to reach your friends in the neighborhood during the week (invite ‘your one’ over to participate with you), or you can pick a random night of the week and “Read, Pray, Sing” with the whole family! The point? Come up with a plan that works for your family and jump in!