Summit Members See God Working Through Home Gatherings

Oct 07, 2020 | By Jeremy Doran

The following stories are from the Summit’s Alamance County campus’ home gatherings. To find a home gathering nearest you, visit

Jeff and Laura

Jeff and Laura host a home gathering in Gibsonville. They started by sending an invitation to their entire neighborhood, where they had already begun to develop friendships, to gather with them on Sunday mornings. Recognizing the beauty and value of hospitality, Jeff and Laura extended the invitation to include a meal after the service. For their first weekend, two couples from their neighborhood joined to worship alongside several Alamance County friends, and one of the couples stayed afterward to grill out for lunch. The couple who stayed was one Jeff and Laura had never met!

Abby and Friends

Abby and her friends were challenged by their small group leaders to invite non-believers to hear the gospel and not just be content with the fellowship of their church community. They began hosting a home gathering at their house near Elon's campus after their small group members helped them collect the equipment they needed. Abby and her friends started hosting services at 9 and 11 a.m. Abby is encouraged by the way God is working in this season. She and her friends recognize they could never drive this many students to church twice each Sunday. Those who are coming are starting to invite their friends, and each week the group is growing!

Don and Connie

Don and Connie have opened their home for worship on Sunday mornings and have been blessed by the fellowship of worshiping in person with their church family. They've been able to provide a space for children and adults to gather, many of whom came from another home gathering. This opened up new space at both locations for more neighbors and non-Christians! Don and Connie even walked around their neighborhood to extend invitations in person, praying that God would move people to accept the chance to hear the gospel. As they patiently wait to see how God moves in their neighbors' hearts, they are encouraged by the ways God has already begun to use them in the life of one gentleman who lives around the corner from them.