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Unpacking our Bags in Family Ministry

Jul 22, 2020 | By Jeremy Berger


Hopefully you had a chance to watch the member meeting last night and hear our Pastor share what the next five months will entail in the life of our church.  Although we do not have all the answers right now, we would love to inform you of a few things and then seek out your thoughts on what our future could be.

What we do know:

August 23/24- Launch Weekend

(To clarify- Launch Weekend is what we have officially named the weekend where kids/students launch up to their next grade level.)

We are going to do everything we can to make this weekend special; especially for our rising K, 5th, and 9th grade students as they are entering new ministries in our church.

Prior to this weekend, parents of rising 5th and 9th grade students will be invited to a Zoom Meeting to discuss what Middle and High School Ministry will look like for their student.  

*All of this information will be made available to you in our upcoming August Kids and Student Newsletters


The official regathering of Awana, MS Small Groups, and HS Small Groups will begin after Labor Day.  Again, what exactly this will look like still remains to be seen but we cannot wait to regather with our kids/students and continue partnering with you in their discipleship.

What we'd like to know:

In many ways, Family Ministry is a blank slate right now.  Although a few key things remain the same, we are having to rethink what Family Ministry will look like.  To use the words of our Pastor, our "bags are being unpacked" and we are ready to serve and partner with you in our new normal.  Here's our question:

As a Family Ministry Team, what are the best ways that we can continue to serve your families over the next 5 months? 

One of our plumblines at the Summit is that the best ideas are in the congregation and so we'd love to hear them from you.  At this point, there's really no such thing as a bad idea...well maybe a few things would be.  I'm not going to allow your kids to move in with me when they frustrate you :)

But what would be helpful and worthwhile for you in a season where we know large gatherings are most likely not going to occur.  As examples:

  • Parent Equips or Trainings (Zoom or in Smaller Groups)
  • School Tutoring
  • After School Care
  • Dropping in to your home for prayer and relationship building
  • Etc.

We know there will be limitations and we won't be able to do everything you suggest, but we'd love to hear commonalities among our families as to how we can best serve.  

Feel free to send any thoughts you may have to my email:  Our team will gather in August and begin to prayerfully consider each and everyone of your ideas.

Thank you.  Thank you for allowing us to serve your kids/students and yourselves.  We miss them.  We miss you.  But the church is still moving and we look forward to partnering with you as it does.

God bless!