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VBS Family Game Plan

Jun 12, 2019 | By Tyler English

Hey Dad & Mom! 

As with everything we do in Summit Kids, we design VBS with you in mind! While we love the fun, the games, & the snacks, the reason we pour more resources into VBS than any other event is to change the community and our own kids more into the people God has called us to be. So here are 4 ways you can begin to use VBS to disciple your kids: 

#1 Explain the WHY 

The first way you can use VBS to disciple your kids starts right now. Take a minute to inform your kids that y’all will be inviting friends to VBS this summer. Then, explain why we invite our friends to VBS: if Jesus is the only way given to be with God forever, then the gospel is a message that becomes the most important in the world! The way you treat VBS can drive home the message that Jesus is the only way to a relationship with God. If we pray over names of friends, teammates, and classmates, invite them to VBS, or invite them over for dinner before VBS, then we model to our kids that the gospel is shared in relationship. 

I would encourage you to choose one specific friend/teammate/neighbor/classmate y’all can pray for this week!

#2 Pray Together

Read. Pray. Sing. Family worship is that simple! Read. Pray. Sing. I hope every Dad and every Mom knows that this is something you can do on a regular basis at home. As you are practicing family worship, praying for our friends is a natural part of that rhythm, but it’s not the only time we can incorporate prayer into our days: 

Pray for their friends in the car on the way to school

Get our VBS inviter cards and write your friends’ names on them together as a family, then pray for those friends

Include their friends in your bedtime prayers, and specifically pray that they will be able to come to VBS

Be encouraged! Your kid values what you value, so make this a big deal in your home. Imagine the celebration your family could have if a friend from school or the neighborhood were to surrender their life to Christ??

That’s what we’re praying for.

#3 Invite!

You’ve talked to your kid(s) about WHY all our friends need to give their life to Jesus (Part 1) and PRAYED for those friends (Part 2), but now’s the fun part! Put your kids in strategic places to invite their friends! We have inviter cards available at every campus and they give your kids a concrete way to talk to their friends about VBS. Take one for your neighbor, or take 25 for your class at school. Make time one night to plan when y’all will see each friend to invite them to VBS!  

I can tell you from experience, if you don’t plan for the invitation, it will rarely happen. We are praying that families from all over RDU will hear the gospel for the first time June 25-28 through the invitations that you and your kids will extend over the next month.

#4 Celebrate!

One of the most underrated parenting principles is that kids replicate what we celebrate. Think about what you’ve celebrated with your kids recently: graduations, team victories, a good performance? Are we subtly communicating to our kids that the most important things are school, sports, and individual accolades? How can we begin celebrating spiritual things as well? I’m glad you asked!! 

After explaining why our friends need Jesus, praying for our friends to come to VBS, and inviting our friends to VBS, we get a chance to CELEBRATE! We either celebrate God answering our prayers that our friends are coming to VBS or we celebrate that God has given us a chance to start a spiritual conversation with our friends. Both are blessings from God, and both deserve some ice cream celebration! :) 


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