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Winter Break Resources

Nov 12, 2020
Student Winter Break Resources for Refreshment

Extended breaks bring with them a lot of free time and a lot of time to rest. Yet often, when we come back from these breaks we feel more spiritually dry and apathetic towards seeking God than when we began. Why is this?  

Time after time we have seen that rather than seek refreshment in Jesus after a busy season, we seek refreshment away from Jesus in countless other sources of pleasure, entertainment and joy in the world to find refreshment in.  

So for the month of December, we want to give you a few resources to help you find refreshment in Jesus so that when you step back on campus you are more refreshed and full in Jesus than when you began winter break. Then, we hope that serves as a “taste” of what finding refreshment in Jesus can look like whether you are on winter break or in the busiest season of your life!

Goals of These Resources: 

  • Help students find refreshment in Jesus rather than from Jesus over break
  • Help students come back in January more refreshed & energized in Jesus and eager to know & serve Him than ever before
  • Help students learn how to find refreshment in Jesus for every season of life

What will the resources be?

Daily advent devotional and Reading Plan

 Each day will have truths from Scripture and truths about Jesus to meditate on and help you find refreshment in this advent season    

Weekly Solitude-Time Guides (one per week in December)

These are meant to guide you in spending extended time with Jesus once a week and give you some practical tips for how to sabbath and have a life that finds refreshment in Jesus

One Zoom or In-Person check-in with DG

  • This is optional but we would encourage you to meet with your DG or a few DG members at some point over break; refreshment in Jesus leads to a desire to share 

One Introductory Podcast Episode

  • This will just be one episode meant to help you make the most of these resources and practical suggestions for planning well to find true refreshment in Jesus over winter break
  • Spotify - Summit College Podcast