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Mar 23, 2019

Recently, we had the honor of hosting writer and Bible teacher Jen Wilkin at The Summit Church. In her interview with Pastor J.D., she spoke about women in ministry, gospel-shaped parenting, the doctrine of God, and her favorite topic, biblical literacy. We have always been encouraged and challenged by Jen’s passion to equip the saints to love God by understanding and treasuring his Word.

To that end, we wanted to share a handful of other resources pertinent to equipping women for ministry here at the Summit. And in addition to these resources below, be sure to head to the Next Steps area of your campus get personally connected to opportunities in women’s discipleship.

Can Women Teach in the Church? J.D. Greear. In the coming weeks, our elders plan to roll out our official position paper regarding women in ministry. I have long been eager to share that document, and I am praying it inspires many more of our women to use the gifts God has given them for the work of the ministry. In the meantime, below is our placeholder statement, originally written after we invited Elyse Fitzpatrick for an interview during weekend services in 2015. 

Kindred Allies: How Men and Women Are Suited for Kingdom Partnership, Jen Wilkin. This video is from Jen’s 2017 visit to the Summit. We’ve learned a lot from Jen about the ways in which men and women can fruitfully partner together for ministry. She tackled that topic head on.

The Best of Jen Wilkin. Who doesn’t like a nice list of tweetable quotes? Collected from several of Jen’s conference and Summit staff talks in 2017, this provides a teaser of her material—with special emphasis on (no surprise here) women in ministry and biblical literacy.

Recommended Resource List, Summit Women’s Discipleship. Books, Bible study resources, articles … this list provides a robust summary of the resources that have informed the “how” and “why” of women’s discipleship at The Summit Church. There’s something here for everyone.

Brothers and Sisters, Love One Another, The Summit Church. Originally written for our Summit staff, this article describes the ways we should interact with one another in relationships across gender lines—loving each other through friendship and through wisdom.

Calling All Leaders, Male and Female: Judges 4–5, J.D. Greear. Drawing from the biblical story of Deborah, Pastor J.D. encourages men and women in the church to exercise their spiritual gifts, rising up to become the leaders that God calls them both to be. Deborah’s story emphasizes a truth that evangelical churches too often neglect: God gives to women every spiritual gift that he gives to men.

Equip Forum: Gender Roles in the Church, J.D. Greear. From 2013, this Summit Institute forum supplemented a message series on relationships called “First Love.” Here, Pastor J.D. describes the complementarian position on gender, showing what it means for men and women to have distinct but equal roles in the church and in the home.