City Life

The gospel has always spread most quickly and farthest by faithful Christians in their vocations as they go about their everyday lives.

City Life (CL) is about equipping Christians to connect their faith to their work in the marketplace. Through CL, we hope to demonstrate how your work matters to God and how you can leverage your passions and skills in your vocation for the mission of God. CL is a hands-on, theological, and marketplace practicum to teach students how to make disciples that make disciples in the marketplace and be excellent in their future careers. If you want to understand the significance of your future career and how you can leverage it for the gospel, then CL is for you!

There are two CL tracks:

Local: In CL Local, students work a summer-long internship within their field of study. Once a week, they meet in D-groups to discuss what they are reading and how it applies to their jobs. Throughout the summer, students attend weekend forums where they will learn about faith and work integration from those who work within the marketplace.

International: In CL International, students work a summer-long internship within their field of study in an international context. Students who get accepted to either of these locations will be partnered with an international “marketplace as mission” company and Christian community. They will serve with other interns, discussing gospel and work, building community, investing in international people groups, and growing in their field of study.


The opportunity to:

  • Live in a community of believers with high accountability and encouragement
  • Grow alongside a team of City Project graduates who are called to the marketplace
  • Missionally live out the gospel through your community
  • Experience intensive and extensive training in leadership, discipleship, calling, and gospel/work theology


  • You must be a City Project graduate
  • Local Track:
    • You must provide your own internship.
    • You will meet weekly in a D-group with other CL interns.
    • You will meet bi-weekly for marketplace as mission forums (four or five for the whole summer) taught by local marketplace professionals.
  • International Track:
    • You can apply for an internship with one of our international partners.
    • If accepted, we prefer you go with at least one other student from the Summit to help provide spiritual encouragement, community, fun, etc.
    • You will ideally be partnered with a local church in your international context.
    • You will be coached in your job/internship by your boss.
When: May 18-July 15, 2021 (This is the “program” portion of City Life. Your internships could start or end differently depending on what you are doing but will not be covered by the program cost.)


  • Local CL: Students’ internships must be located within the Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina area. Students will live together with other CL interns in apartments in Durham, near the City Project students.
  • International CL: Students can apply for international locations (locations TBA).
  • CL Local: $450 (includes a summer weekend trip to one of Summit’s church plants)
  • International CL: Each location has a different cost.
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Apply for City Life 2021

When: May 18-July 15, 2021

Apply Now

Each applicant is required to obtain three references. Students should request a pastoral reference (pastor/small group leader/campus minister), a professional reference (employer/professor), and a personal reference (friend/family). Students should send the link for the reference form below to their requested references.

Reference Form

Applications and references will be accepted through Jan. 24, 2021.