City Life

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” God was at work. He created humankind and gave them work to do. We were created in the image of a God who works. We were all created with gifts and a purpose to cultivate God’s world.

City Life (CL) is a summer program designed to give students a vision for how God can use their career for his mission and equip them to be a disciple-maker in the workplace.

Who can apply for CityLife? City Life is for any student who has either completed City Project or is an upperclassmen.

Four Core Learning Outcomes of City Life

Growing as Disciple of Jesus
(Worshiper, Family Member, Servant, Steward, Witness)
  • Living out the five identities of a disciple while working full-time is different than living them out on campus. We will continue to press into the five identities we have as disciples of Jesus and how to be disciple-making disciples while working a full-time job.
  • Weekly D-Groups, Bible Study, Daily Bible Readings, and living in community will mirror what post-graduate life will be like.
Marketplace Excellence for the Common Good
  • Success in the marketplace should be defined through the lens of love. How does the work we do help love those who use our services or products? How does it help others in our community flourish?
  • Working hard in a full-time internship, reading books on work/theology, watching talks, and forums taught by professional men/women will be a major part of CL.
Mission & Justice in the Marketplace
  • God is a God of Justice. As image bearers, we should be doing our part to make our society and the world more just & this primarily happens in the marketplace.
  • Whether we are teachers, lawyers, business owners, entrepreneurs, or blue-collar employees, we can and should love the poor in our community and around the world.
Leveraging your Career for the Mission of God
  • City Life will give you a vision for joining a national or international church plant after graduation through your career. Do what you do well for the glory of God, and do it somewhere strategic for the mission of God.

What are the components of City Life?

  • Internship
  • Weekly Bible Study/Dgroup
  • Assigned resources each week
  • Forums on workplace topics
  • Mentorship by business professional
Apply for City Life 2024

When: May 20-July 11, 2024
Cost: $175

Apply Now

Applications will be accepted through April 1, 2024. Once applications are received, a member of the Summit College staff will contact each student about whether or not they are accepted into the program and with more details about the summer program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you have to get your own internship.

That is great! The CL program will work fine if you already have an internship. We will still be providing books, training, and community development through the summer.

Each internship will have a different starting and end date. That is great if it is different. But the program part of City Life will be from May 20 until July 15

  • It will depend on your internship, however, you should expect to work 40-50 hours a week.
  • On some mornings, local CL interns will meet together and discuss books, hear from local businessmen and women, etc.
  • On some nights, local CL interns will have a meal & D Group together.

You will be able to set up your own housing for the summer.