Preparing For Marriage

Preparing for Marriage (PFM) is the premarital counseling ministry of The Summit Church. PFM is designed for couples to begin right after they get engaged and be involved in for as long as they would like after they are married.

Couples who are married by a Summit pastor are required to complete this program. The Summit places a great deal of importance on marriage, and we would love to be a part of helping you prepare for yours!

To effectively complete our Preparing for Marriage program, you need to register at least six months prior to your wedding. If you have less than six months remaining, some parts of the program will not be completed until after the wedding. For those couples with less than six months remaining that want to complete their pre-marital counseling before their wedding, we recommend either Bridgehaven or our Graduate Counseling Program for your pre-marital counseling.

The Preparing for Marriage ministry consists of three components:

1) Engaged Discovery Weekend

The Engaged Discovery Weekend (EDW) is an all-day Saturday and Sunday afternoon event hosted in the homes of the PFM teaching team, where you can learn with other engaged couples. Watch this short video for a preview of what to expect. This weekend contains group teaching, breakouts for you and your fiancé, and panel discussions on a variety of pre-marital subjects. If you are interested in serving on the teaching team or hosting an upcoming weekend, please email EDW Coordinator Char Denlinger ( or sign up here.

2) "Creating a Gospel-centered Marriage" Series

These seminars unpack God’s design for growing our appreciation for the gospel through marriage in five highly practical subjects. You will study and discuss parts of each of these with your marriage mentors (see below). The schedule for live presentations can be found here, but they are available online for your convenience year-round.

  1. Foundations
  2. Communication
  3. Finances
  4. Decision Making
  5. Intimacy

3) Mentoring

We pair you with a mentor couple to meet with during the months leading up to your marriage. This is a great relationship in which to ask questions and assimilate what you’re learning through the “Creating a Gospel-centered Marriage” seminar series.

For more detailed information about what you can expect to experience in the Preparing for Marriage ministry, please visit

Members of our church who have been married for five years or more are invited to invest in our engaged couples by serving as pre-marital mentors. For a list of upcoming mentor training dates or to get more information on what is involved in this role, email us ( or sign up here.