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We are so excited to partner with you in intentional discipleship. Fill out this form to tell us about your One so we can be praying with you and provide resources along the way.

Tell Us About Your One

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We would love to hear about the journey you're taking with your One. Whether they came to church with you for the first time, have made a profession of faith, or another step, fill out the form below so we can follow up with you and provide helpful resources!

Share Your Story

Our Prayer

1,000 professions of faith through Who’s Your One?

Who’s Your One? is an opportunity for us to intentionally pursue discipleship in our communities. As we seek to create a movement of disciple-making disciples, we’re asking every member of the Summit to commit to praying for and sharing the gospel with at least one person, their One. In 2019, we prayed for 1,000 of those Ones to make a profession of faith, and God answered our prayer!

Will you continue to join us in this discipleship journey?

Frequently Asked Questions

Think about those you regularly interact (or could regularly interact) with who don’t know Christ. Your coworkers. Your neighbors. Your friends. What would it look like if you spent this year intentionally pursuing a discipleship relationship—sharing the love, salvation, and freedom in Christ—with them?

While we could measure the success of Who’s Your One? in several ways, we’ve decided to keep our focus narrow and prioritize one thing—professions of faith—without diminishing the importance of baptism and membership. This does not mean that all professions of faith in this count are a result of Who’s Your One?. Rather, Who’s Your One? is the initiative used to motivate people toward evangelism in their everyday lives.

Your Small Group

Throughout this year, we’re committed as small groups to not only help each other find our Ones but to also pray for and provide opportunities to invite our Ones into our small group family. This is one of the many reasons we have the Missional Hangout rhythm.

Who's Your One? Evangelism Training

This is a series of short talks designed to provide practical steps for leading your One to Christ.

The Summit Institute Blog

These evangelism resources are intended to complement the Who’s Your One? Evangelism Training, equipping you as you take further steps to grow in your abilities to effectively lead your One to Christ.


Commit to praying for your One, share your story about your One, and find other resources.

Who's Your One? Video Submission

Share Your One!

The Summit Communications Team is compiling a video featuring brief clips of people from around our church sharing who their "One" is. This video will play during services at all of our campuses the weekend of March 23/24.

If you would like to be included, record a brief video of yourself telling us who your "One" is and submit your video using the form to the rightbelow.

Here are some suggested things to say:

  • "My name is __________, and I'm praying that my "One" (first name only) will come to know Christ this year".
  • "I'm asking God to save my "One", ____________, this year.
  • "My "One" is _____________".
  • "This year I'm praying for my neighbor, _______________, to come to know Jesus".

Submit your video

  1. Record a brief video. Record horizontally, and keep it under 5 seconds.
  2. Click Choose File below.
  3. Submit your video.
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By submitting this form, you give The Summit Church permission to play your video publicly during a weekend worship service and to distribute the video via social media.