Practical Prayer Tips

Aug 30, 2022


Praying is spiritual breathing, essential for our life in God. As we meditate on God’s Word, we breathe in the promises and purposes of God. In prayer, we breathe out, responding to God’s Word to us. Each day in this guide, there will be a passage from Scripture and a few prayer responses for you to guide your praying. Below are some helpful tips on how to make the most of this guide:

  • Commit to a specific time each day to devote to prayer. Find a place where you can be free of distractions and be alone with God.

  • Use the prayer points and Scripture in this guide to focus and fuel your praying. Write the Scripture and prayer point on a card and carry it with you, post it on your social media, make it the screensaver on your phone—whatever you can think of to keep these prompts in front of you. Use them throughout the day and invite others to join you in praying.

  • You can take it a step further by journaling your prayers each day, simply writing out your prayers to God. It’s a great opportunity to hide God’s Word in your heart, working to memorize the verses as you meditate and pray.

  • In addition, you may consider ways to pray with others during this season. Set up a Zoom call with friends or members of your small group. Pray together as a family.

Praying with kids? Introduce this Week of Prayer to children by saying something like this:

God has always wanted to be with his people. Prayer is the way we talk W.I.T.H. God, by praying:

  • Wow!

  • I’m Sorry,

  • Thank You, and

  • Help

We worship God and remember two things: (1) He is always with us, and (2) we always need him. This week, our church will be praying together to ask for God's help in everything we do as a church.

Church family, let’s earnestly seek the face of God with great expectation!