Christmas with the Summit at DPAC

Matthew (Apex Home)

Apex Campus

Meeting Schedule

Monday at 6:45 PM

  • Erin Downs
  • Ana Ortiz Elsarboukh
As Christians, we’ve become confused about power, rule, and rights. We’ve joined the world in constructing our own little territories while forgetting about the kingdom God has built and continues to build. But to find the truth about our citizenship, we must return to Jesus’ parables and stories in the Book of Matthew, where He spoke of God’s kingdom often. This study will reorient yourself solidly around the kingdom and the King who gives life in abundance. If you’ve ever been disappointed by the unfulfilled promises of your false allegiances, if obedience has ever felt like shackles to you, or if you’ve wondered where you belong in the story God is writing, there's good news for you: Jesus is a benevolent King who gives. There are no videos or podcasts with this study.