A Newlywed Couple’s Journey to Financial Freedom

Aug 30, 2019

Beginning wise financial habits when you’re young helps set the stage for financial freedom.

Blue Ridge campus couple Josh and Megan were aware of basic financial practices prior to participating in Financial Peace University (FPU), but taking the nine-week course at The Summit Church helped put them on the right financial path.

“Megan’s father referred us to Dave Ramsey’s teaching,” Josh said. “When we found out FPU was coming to Brier Creek, we talked to him about it and decided to take the class.”

Practically newlyweds, Josh and Megan have been married for three years. They participated in FPU during the first year of their marriage. The course set them up for financial freedom in many ways.

“I didn’t know much about finances or where our money was going before the course,” Josh said.

“Before we got married, I felt like I knew where my money was going, but I was always scared that I was spending too much,” Megan added. “I was budgeting but very tightly. I was scared to go buy myself a coffee because that’s being wasteful when you could just make it at home. I feel like that’s something Dave Ramsey would agree with, but something changed in my thinking: If you designate ‘x’ amount toward a fun budget or restaurant budget, then I feel the freedom to spend it. Whereas before, I’d feel guilty for going out and spending $10 on a meal.”

On top of the peace of mind that came with a new outlook on budgeting, the couple has applied FPU’s principles to debt.

“We had loans from my graduate school and Josh’s graduate school,” Megan said. “With Ramsey’s debt snowball plan, we were able to pay off my student loans recently. Now we’re using the money that we were using for my loan to go toward Josh’s payment.”

Learning how to set financial goals was a significant takeaway for Josh and Megan.

“We also now use the EveryDollar budget app. We live and die by that thing in terms of our budgeting and knowing where our money is going and setting goals. We learned to set up monthly meetings for budgeting—to see how much you’re making that month, set goals, and see how much you can give,” Josh lauded.

Those monthly meetings keep them on the same page.

“People say that one of the big things couples fight about is money, so I feel like we eliminated a lot of the tension because we know we’re going to talk about it every month,” Megan said. “We’ve never had a big argument about money.”

By learning financial principles through FPU, Josh and Megan have taken the first steps in a lifetime of wise financial stewardship.

“I would encourage younger people to attend FPU,” Megan admonished. “It doesn’t have to be for older people in a ton of debt. Anyone can benefit from it. I’m thankful that we did it now, when we’re just starting our careers and saving money.”