Adopting a New Mindset Toward Giving

Apr 28, 2020

When Travis and Eugenia began considering international adoption, they knew that one of the biggest obstacles would be the cost. Torn between their desire to adopt and faithfully give to God’s kingdom, they struggled with how their generosity would change if they made such a large financial commitment outside the church.

Travis remembers a conversation he had with the Summit’s stewardship pastor, Blair Graham, and the impact it had on their decision. “Blair said, ‘I want to encourage you to give to God as you would if there were no adoption. In other words, continue to give generously and then see how God provides.’”

Together, they realized that continuing to give would require more strength than they had on their own. They would have to look outside of themselves in faith and believe that God would work through others for his good.

And he did. The more control they surrendered, the greater God began to move. It wasn’t easy, but they’ve seen God provide what they needed every time.

“The fact that our giving forces me to say ‘not now’ to things I want now means that I am saying no to self and yes to God,” Travis said. “And that hurts, but it is confirmation of obedience and that feels good!”

In late March, their paperwork was officially passed along to Colombia’s child and family services organization. Even though the process could continue for up to two more years, they are excited to join the list of waiting parents and are thankful for God’s provision.

“This adoption process has deeply impacted the way I trust that when God wants to move, he makes a way,” Eugenia said. “We certainly felt that our adoption was aligned with the Lord's will, both because of his Word and what he spoke in our hearts individually, but it's incredible to see him materialize that through the giving of his people, the encouragement of our community, and the favor we've had at several points during our paperwork process.”

For now, Travis and Eugenia are prepared to give faithfully, trusting in Christ and his plan for their lives. They hope that others can be involved with adoption, and Eugenia looks forward to helping launch the EmbraceRDU adoption and foster care ministry at the Chapel Hill campus.

“Resist the pride of self-reliance and remember that all you have has been loaned to you to be a good steward,” Eugenia said. “We have mastered neither of these principles but have tried to preach them to ourselves every step of the way.”