Trust, Faith and God’s Provision: TJ and Tori’s Story

Feb 11, 2020

TJ and Tori had a challenging first year of marriage, moving across the country just three days after their wedding and learning to merge their lives together.

While juggling all the looming expenses and limited income that comes with being full-time college students, TJ and Tori committed to putting God first in every area of their lives, including their finances.

Despite their lack of resources, they began tithing, giving ten percent of their income to the church each month. Dedicating the first of their earnings at the beginning of the month required trust and faith—trust in God's promise to provide all their needs, and faith he would make a way when all they could see was more month than money.

Each and every time, the funds came in to meet all their obligations. Sometimes God used other people to bless them, such as when family gave extra holiday or birthday money. Sometimes the needs were met through altered circumstances, like additional opportunities for work or a significant discount on a necessary item or repair. God honored their faithful obedience by supplying all their needs, one month at a time.

As TJ and Tori saw God's provision worked out in front of them in a variety of ways, their trust and faith increased, enabling them to continue to give with joy as they eagerly anticipated the work of God in their lives.

“And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” Phillipians 4:19